Thursday, 6 April 2017

17ufosin2017 March update

Well I've managed to tip over into the next month again, this could be recurring pattern but at least I'm blogging once a month 😊
For March I completed the Chester County Criswell Quilt top and I was very happy with the saw tooth border. Not a great pic taken quickly the night before it was whisked off to the quilter.

I had some trouble choosing and finding enough of a fabric for the backing, these were some options...

The paisley at the top won by a clear majority popular vote. I can't wait to get this quilt back and sew on the binding.

I've also been plugging away at the Value Proposition Quilt, by stamping out the 338 hexies required for the centre pathway. 

I am managing to achieve the desired look of a subtle change between the path around the rosettes and the centre path.

A squishy package arrived from the Temulca Quilt Company...

I have been inspired by other bloggers like Susan, Hilda and Marian with their beautiful hand quilting and so I think I might have a go at quilting the Value Proposition Quilt by hand (eek!). I thought this kit would be a good starting point - wish me luck!

We had a G'nT Sisters retreat last weekend so I've been working on "that" quilt (no, not Dear Jane). It's the one where we are all making a version that combines Jeanna Kimball appliques with pieced blocks. 

I decided to use newsprint for the applique blocks but it's been such a challenge finding fabrics that will show on this that I'm going to call my quilt 'Reading the Fine Print'.

This house block is my current favourite (I even managed to sneak in some broderie perse)

For the 17ufosin2017 Challenge I've been trying to just work on 2-3 projects. I did a bit of applique on the December block for my Vases of Flowers wall quilt. I'm a bit over the tiny pieces involved and I can't find the perle cotton I've been using for the embroidery...anyway it's something to pick up now and then.

Happy sewing and I'll see you at the end of the month, let's see if I can make it by the 30th of April 30th?!?

Friday, 3 March 2017

17ufosin2017 February update

I don't think I did as much as in January but I'm still going well with the 17ufosin2017 challenge. The GnT Sisters came for a weekend of fun and sewing so it was great to get their help with a couple of layouts.

I finally decided on a layout for the CCCQ and have sewn all 33 blocks together. I want to sew on a sawtooth border to finish it off so still a way to go.

I also used the opportunity to get advice on the layout for my Value Proposition Quilt and achieved consensus.

Don't you love the border fabric I'm using? There was bit of discussion as to which way it should go - tassles hanging out (above) or hanging in towards the quilt (as below) what do you think?

Winterthur Museum John Hewson #5492

I finished the pathways on the last few blocks so now ready to tackle the centre pathways.

I also managed a couple of blocks for the GnT Sisters' still un-named quilt. Now, when I machine piece blocks I don't do any pressing until the block is finished, I find I get better results this way when nesting seams together.

Gussie's Goose Block

Weathervane Quilt Block
Weathervane Block
And I've drawn up the next block, 4 baskets and looking at some fabric possibilities. I'm really enjoying drafting up my own blocks from Sharon's blocks, so that I get the 9" size I want.

Good luck to anyone else in the challenge and thanks for your ongoing encouragement!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

17ufosin2017 January update

Yikes, we've tipped over into February already but here's my January update. Meredithe & Anne's challenge has really worked for me so far and I have three finishes from my list😊😊😊
1. The [Travel] Comfort Quilt - most of the fabrics in this quilt are from my travels in Japan and New Zealand. This quilt was designed by Leanne Beasley and the pattern is in her Vignette #3 magazine. It's lovely to have it on our bed during the summer months.

The little EPP tumbler blocks on the label were left over from a sewing box that I made, all these fabrics are in the quilt.

9. Sew Laugh Love - another Leanne Beasley design.

I really like the way the applique squares and triangles from the border fabrics blend in and don't you love the vintage buttons that I inherited from a friend?

15. Boro coasters - these were started in a BeBe Bold class.

I have also FINALLY finished all of the blocks for the Chester County Criswell Quilt - yay! As you know I have subsituted some different blocks into this quilt, the pineapple block below was designed by Elly Sienkiewicz

 I drew a pomegranate block from a picture I saw on one of Barbara Brackman's blog posts.

So I have finished all the blocks but now I'm struggling with the layout, anyway hope to have it sorted soon.

And I have made a block for the retro quilt from Sharon's blog.
Bow tie block
I have also been doing a lot of hand sewing of the first pathways for the Value Proposition Quilt, the done pile has now out grown the unfinished pile.

Thank you for all the encouragement I received about my list. This challenge has really motivated me and it's not too late to join in the fun.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


LI've decided to join Meredithe's challenge 17 UFOs in 2017. The idea is to 'substantially progress' 17 projects and any finishes are considered a bonus 😀 Now, do I even have 17 projects???
Let's start with a list:

1. The Comfort Quilt - just finishing off the binding as we speak! FINISHED! 6 January 2017

2. Chester County Criswell Quilt - I know, I know I keep saying one more block but I've done some substituting... It's a long story.

3. GnT Sisters as yet un-named quilt, we're all making a quilt that is a combination of Jeanna Kimball appliqué and pieced blocks. I'm using Sharon's 30s repro quilt-along blocks for my pieced blocks. Update - this quilt is now called 'Reading the Fine Print'

4. Value Proposition Quilt - coming along nicely, slowly but surely - all the blocks are made so now working on the pathways (oops please excuse my toe).

5. Vases of Flowers wall quilt - good one for sewing on the train - yes I've moved, no longer on the Warrandyte Bus.

6. Cheltenham - it's hard to be motivated to progress this as I'm no longer attending the Warrandyte Appliqué Guild chapter meetings, where some of us started trialling Sonia's pattern.

7. Dear Jane - I can't believe it's a year since I last made a block! I'm using all blue Liberty fabrics in my version of this iconic quilt.

8. Words to Live By - I'll probably wait until Winter to work on this wool appliqué quilt again.

9. Sew Laugh Love - I usually grab this for a few stitches when I have absolutely nothing else prepared. FINISHED! 19 January 2017

10. Sovereign - I decided I needed a new quilt for the new home.

11. 12 Days of Christmas - another Christmas has come and gone....

12. Aunty Green - it was great seeing the original at the Australian Quilt Exhibition last year.

13. Cushions - I made the cat print one for son #2 and his girlfriend for Christmas and would like to make more from the heavy weight fabrics and linen I bought in Japan last March.

14. Simply Blessed - I've chosen the fabrics and bagged them up for the first two blocks so I'm calling it a start.

15. Boro coasters - I started these in a BeBe Bold class, must try and finish the little set of 3. FINISHED! 8 January 2017

16. Home Sweet Home - this quilt is so old I'm not even sure if it's the correct title. It's no longer really my style or colours but I should just get the binding on (which I found yesterday) and finish it.

17. Phew! That's it, I think I'm done, don't seem to have anything else. Oh wait, there's more!
Knitted scarf - I lost count of stitches and rows and broke the circular needle with my first attempt at knitting for years so here it is in the too hard basket waiting for some cooler weather and inspiration.

You might be wondering why my blue & cream AWS didn't make the list??? That's because I finished it just before Christmas :D I might post about it next time.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and all the best for 2017!