Wednesday, 4 January 2017


LI've decided to join Meredithe's challenge 17 UFOs in 2017. The idea is to 'substantially progress' 17 projects and any finishes are considered a bonus 😀 Now, do I even have 17 projects???
Let's start with a list:

1. The Comfort Quilt - just finishing off the binding as we speak! FINISHED! 6 January 2017

2. Chester County Criswell Quilt - I know, I know I keep saying one more block but I've done some substituting... It's a long story. FINISHED!!! 26 May 2017

3. GnT Sisters as yet un-named quilt, we're all making a quilt that is a combination of Jeanna Kimball appliqué and pieced blocks. I'm using Sharon's 30s repro quilt-along blocks for my pieced blocks. Update - this quilt is now called 'Reading the Fine Print'

4. Value Proposition Quilt - coming along nicely, slowly but surely - all the blocks are made so now working on the pathways (oops please excuse my toe).

5. Vases of Flowers wall quilt - good one for sewing on the train - yes I've moved, no longer on the Warrandyte Bus.

6. Cheltenham - it's hard to be motivated to progress this as I'm no longer attending the Warrandyte Appliqué Guild chapter meetings, where some of us started trialling Sonia's pattern.

7. Dear Jane - I can't believe it's a year since I last made a block! I'm using all blue Liberty fabrics in my version of this iconic quilt.

8. Words to Live By - I'll probably wait until Winter to work on this wool appliqué quilt again.

9. Sew Laugh Love - I usually grab this for a few stitches when I have absolutely nothing else prepared. FINISHED! 19 January 2017

10. Sovereign - I decided I needed a new quilt for the new home.

11. 12 Days of Christmas - another Christmas has come and gone....

12. Aunty Green - it was great seeing the original at the Australian Quilt Exhibition last year.

13. Cushions - I made the cat print one for son #2 and his girlfriend for Christmas and would like to make more from the heavy weight fabrics and linen I bought in Japan last March. Finished another cushion in April.

14. Simply Blessed - I've chosen the fabrics and bagged them up for the first two blocks so I'm calling it a start.

15. Boro coasters - I started these in a BeBe Bold class, must try and finish the little set of 3. FINISHED! 8 January 2017

16. Home Sweet Home There's No Place Like Home- this quilt is so old I'm not even sure if it's the correct title (found the pattern & updated the name 3/01/18). It's no longer really my style or colours but I should just get the binding on (which I found yesterday) and finish it.

17. Phew! That's it, I think I'm done, don't seem to have anything else. Oh wait, there's more!
Knitted scarf - I lost count of stitches and rows and broke the circular needle with my first attempt at knitting for years so here it is in the too hard basket waiting for some cooler weather and inspiration. FINISHED! 27 June 2017

You might be wondering why my blue & cream AWS didn't make the list??? That's because I finished it just before Christmas :D I might post about it next time.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and all the best for 2017!