Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Blue & Cream Antique Wedding Sampler finished

I actually finished this Antique Wedding Sampler last December and now I've finally been motivated to write about this finish after being inspired by Karen's post on the AWS blocks she is making with a friend. And thanks again to the G'nT Sisters for their help with fabric, colour and design choices.  Once again Katrina did an amazing job of quilting to enhance every individual block.  This post will be very photo heavy  - please enjoy!


Isn't it always great when you find the perfect fabric for binding?

AWS block #10
AWS block #9

AWS block # 24

AWS block #5

AWS block #19

AWS block #23

AWS block #22

AWS block #25
AWS block #1

AWS block #2

AWS block #17

AWS block #13

AWS block #16
AWS "J Block"
AWS block #3
AWS block #12 
AWS block #14

AWS #15
AWS block #20
AWS block #18

AWS block #4

AWS block #21

AWS block #6

This is my favourite block which I modified by doing all of the flowers in broderie perse and changing the vase shape. I love the way Katrina quilted this block to make it look as though the vase is on a pedestal.

AWS block #7
It's a pity this wasn't on my 17 UFOs in 2017 list but I'll be back soon with a winter update on the challenge.


  1. Прекрасная работа!!!

  2. Its very very beautiful.... a wonderful quilt....

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Certainly ribbon worthy.

  4. O what a beauty, love your colorchoice,and stitched so neatly,love it.
    (this is one of my ufo's,you infpire me to change the colors.)
    Thanks for sharing. Cheers Tilly

  5. Your AWS is so beautiful! I love blue, if I ever make a AWS, I'll make mine is blues too. I've read Karen's tutorial on EPP the first block, I can do that! I'm actually considering making this quilt now. Thank you for the close up photos! Happy stitching on your 17 UFO's.

  6. OMG .............stunning fabrics, blocks and quilting to create a real treasure........

  7. Beyond comments!! This is absolutely gorgeous, your stitching skills are are something to strive for. Would love to see a photo shoot of your stash! The quilting is stunning and enhances every inch of your quilt. Thank you so much for posting these beautiful photos.

  8. Oh my, she most definitely did a wonderful job. It distresses me when someone takes a beautifully hand appliqued quilt and does an overall machine quilting pattern. Katrina really did a wonderful job showcasing each one of your beautiful blocks. Just beautiful!

  9. Carole, you've been an absolute inspiration and because of you I decided to take on the AWS quilt (thanks for the shout out). Your blue version is stunning and I particularly like that you made changes to make the quilt uniquely your own. The quilting is fabulous and just adds to the overall beauty. I agree about the binding and you did indeed find the perfect binding for this masterpiece!

  10. Your quilt is so beautiful! Thank you for posting the close up pictures so that we can see the gorgeous detail. This is amazing. I'm so inspired to start this quilt!

  11. The points on #13 are amazing! Such nice work. Congratulations, and ... what's next?

  12. Just beautiful! Katrina's quilting is the icing on the cake. I have a lot of the fabrics that you used, but probably would never have thought to use them the way you did--very inspiring!

  13. what a stunning quilt! Thanks for all the lovely closeups of the beautiful applique and the quilting.

  14. Your quilt is gorgeous! I love the fabrics and the way you used them and Katrina's quilting set them off even more.

  15. Lovely, lovely quilt. What an amazing accomplishment. I love the color scheme and how carefully you chose each fabric.

  16. Fantastic finish Carole! You've adapted it so beautifully to your blue colour scheme and I love the binding choice too. Most of us would find it a huge challenge to make just one AWS...but this is your second!

  17. Stunning, thanks for all the beautiful close ups.

  18. Each block is truly a treasure. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  19. Such a stunning finish! Love all the value play in this quilt. It makes the quilt very special with lots of heart and soul!

  20. And enjoy I did. So many beautiful blue fabrics play so well together in your quilt. Well done!

  21. What a beautiful quilt, blue is not my favorite color but your quilt is stunning! I love it.

  22. Holy Crow, Carole, what a treasure! Thank you so much for sharing all the beautiful photos. :D

  23. What an amazingly beautiful quilt! Can one ever have enough blue....me thinks not! This quilt sings the most beautiful song. It is a triumph, congratulations on a gorgeous finish! Just an Aussie girl visiting your lovely blog from way down at the bottom of the world.

  24. Carole, your workmanship is exquisite! What a beautiful quilt.

  25. I think it has all been said...it is truly a most beautiful quilt. Congratulations!

  26. This is one of the most beautiful quilts I have seen! Congratulations on your workmanship! You are truly an inspiration! (I would love a tip on the fabric choices! ;) )