Saturday, 20 September 2014


Yay! Finally I have a finish - my Comfort Quilt top.

After thinking that I would big stitch quilt this by hand I decided that I wouldn't get to it for ages so I'm going to have it machine quilted. I was feeling in need of having something finished this year. Now I just have to decide on which type of pattern. At first I was thinking of spirals...

Google image
Then I was thinking of baptist fans...

Google image

which would match the backing fabric.

And then I saw this quilting on Audrey's 'Lil Retro Baby' quilt and I really like the way she has used a clever mix of both horizontal and and vertical lines.

'Lil Retro Baby' quilt by Audrey @ Quilty Folk
I think this is more in line (no pun intended) with the original design. What do you think? Opinions please!

I also have another small finish that I made with pieced scraps from the Comfort Quilt. 
These tumblers were going to be a bag.

But then I decided I didn't really want a bag, I'd much rather have a box.

 This clever little box has a that lid folds out to reveal a cutting mat...

and a preparation area.

Bits and bobs can fit inside snuggly.

Quite snazzy really and sooooo nice to have something finished!

I bought the box as a kit from Heather's Sewing Room - it comes with everything, just add your own fabric and lining paper.
Don't forget to help with me with some quilting advice :)

Monday, 15 September 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Welcome - it's my turn to post for the World Blog Hop. If you haven't been here before my name is Carole and as you can tell from my blog title, I am lucky to live in beautiful Warrandyte - a semi-rural town on the outskirts of Melbourne. The Yarra River flows through the town and there are many trees and bushland plants including wattle, which is currently out in abundance for Spring.

I was lucky to be tagged by the lovely Kel from Always Appliqué.
I'm relatively new to her blog but I love her current projects, especially her beautiful version of Stonefields. I almost have to avert my eyes as this quilt is just so very tempting, made up with lots of small, very cute blocks.

More of Kel's Stonefield's blocks can be found on Instagram if you search #stonefieldsquilt.
Other projects by Kel include Karen Cunningham's Friendship Quilt - gorgeous colours and fabrics!

She is also working towards finishing Gail Pan's very cute A Merry Christmas Garden BOM, in time for Christmas, wish her luck!

Now it's my turn to answer some questions...
1. What am I working on?
Yikes! Like so many of us I am working on a number of projects, 
including Antique Wedding Sampler...

Gossip in the Garden...
Sew Laugh Love...

The Comfort Quilt (this is now almost a flimsy!)

Aunty Green's Garden, slowly growing...

Twelve Days of Christmas (I haven't worked on this for awhile)

12 Days of Christmas quilt
and Sharon Barnes' Chester County Criswell Quilt (CCCQ)

Chester County Criswell Quilt

As you can see I have eclectic tastes and I love appliqué.
2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?/4.How does my creative process work?
This is difficult for me as I'm not very original - I generally just follow the pattern but try to make it my own through fabric and colour choices. I did design one of my own blocks for the CCCQ.
I was inspired by a picture I found on the internet from the same era...

so I drew my own version...
 I really enjoyed drawing out a design and would like to do this more often.
I guess I'm at my most creative is when I do some broderie perse. 

AWS #7
I was lucky enough to learn how to create broderie perse from Di Ford when I made my Morrell quilt.

For some of the broderie perse blocks for this quilt I cut up a John Hewson panel and made four blocks. This is one of my favourites...

The Morrell Quilt by Carole @ Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus

Anyway, that's more than enough about me, I'm now going to hand you over to two of my CCCQ buddies.
Sharon Barnes of the Chester County Criswell Quilt (CCCQ) fame, who is re-creating a family heirloom and generously sharing the block patterns over a three year period.

The Quilt Today
Sharon does such a great job of keeping us motivated over the journey with interesting stories about the friends and family who created the original quilt, linky parties for each block so we can see what fabrics and colours other bloggers are using and other fun things along the way like guest blogs to share techniques and encouragement to swap blocks.

If you haven't heard of the CCCQ go and check out Sharon's blog and join the fun, it's never too late to start! I even got to meet Sharon in person at last year's QITB.

l - r Miriam (another CCCQ blogger) Sharon and myself
One of my other CCCQ buddies is Chris from Quilting at the farm. I love reading about her life on the farm and the highs and challenges of family life. Chris is the self-proclaimed Canadian queen of the number of projects she is working on. I find Chris' writing and sharing to be very open and honest with a great sense of humour. 
We love many of the same quilts - the CCCQ...

 ...and Dear Jane, she has just finished her stunning top and I'm about to start.
So if you haven't already done so, go and pay Chris a visit down on the farm, she currently has a giveaway to celebrate her blogaversary .

Sharon and Chris will be posting their Around the World Blog Hops next week (around the 22nd Sept) be sure to visit.
Thanks again Kel, this has been quite a reflective excercise!!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Going around in circles

Another AWS block is driving me crazy.

Antique Wedding Sampler pattern by Di Ford

I don't know why I only made 7 circles for this block? There were meant to be nine, 8 around the diameter and one in the centre. Oh well, I won't be changing it - my SIL will never know.

You might remember that I thought I'd found the perfect fabric for the outside petals/leaves? Well I thought I would go with the green but after sewing a couple down it just seems too wishy-washy. Now I don't know whether to go back to the pink, do a combination of green and pink or find different fabrics all together?

Anyway, Spring has sprung in Warrandyte and the plum trees are all in bloom..

This has inspired me to get out poor old Auntie Green and add some blooms and lots of circular buds.

Auntie Green's Garden quilt

 Once again I spend ages (but this is fun) selecting fabrics. My choices for this quilt are quite weird and random so it's hard getting the right combination, so lots of auditioning happening.

Auntie Green's Garden quilt

Auntie Green's Garden quilt

Auntie Green's Garden quilt

But she's slowly growing.

I've finished the stitchery and appliquéing the mini Dresden for Gossip in the Garden. I decided not to make the centre a circle, but reversed appliqued the centre for a hexagonal shape instead. It's a relief to work on this BOM as the fabrics are already chosen, although I am making some changes, including using a yellow background for this mini-block.

Gossip in the Garden quilt

I have also added a stitched circular button to Sew Laugh Love.

Sew Laugh Love - pattern by Leanne Beasley

And a little cupcake with a cherry on top.

Sew Laugh Love - pattern by Leanne Beasley

I hope you're enjoying the change of seasons in your part of the world.