Wednesday, 21 January 2015

This could be me!

Have you seen the movie Something's Gotta Give with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson? Well, I have just loved this kitchen ever since I saw Jack and Di preparing for a late night snack of pancakes and now I'm very lucky to be getting my own version (not quite as flash but using similar elements). 

Here's the before...

Very 70's with all that pine paneling! 
This is why I haven't had much time for blogging as it has been a a marathon effort for us to completely clear out the kitchen before it was demolished. Everything was stripped back literally to the rafters in the ceiling.

New insulation has been added...

and new plaster walls...

A second large window has been added to mirror the original, it's amazing the difference this has already made, giving extra natural night and garden views.

The ceiling cornices have been done and the holes cut out for power points and new down-lights. We are now in for a fun weekend of painting (not!) so I don't think I'll be doing too much sewing.

Speaking of sewing this is what I've been working on since my last post - the G'nT Sisters had a great retreat down by the sea...

Victoria's famous Great Ocean Road
Judy has posted about it here. I managed to finish Block #24 whilst we were away.

AWS Block #24
I also finished the piecing and appliqué for block #16 and back home I've been auditioning some different flower options for the broderie perse.

AWS Block #16

I have also finished these two blocks.

AWS re-worked Block #2
AWS Block #18

I'm really enjoying playing with fabrics and sorting into dark, mediums and lights for my new Value Proposition Quilt.

Value Proposition Quilt rounds 1 & 2 Block #1
I have decided to use Inklingo to print out the cutting and sewing lines for hand piecing.

I'm also using a doughnut template for individual fussy cutting. This all makes for easy and accurate sewing whilst sitting on the couch after a long day of cleaning, packing etc.

I feel like I've already learnt a lot about tones which helped me select some Japanese fabrics for the first block of Rosie Quinlan's Simply Blessed.

I have even managed to squeeze in a DJ block!

I used the back basting technique for this triangle block and worked it in 3 stages, as some of the pieces were so close together. Can you see the birds in the fabric? I even managed to get one in the small heart at the top of the triangle.

Hmmm, I have managed to fit in quite a bit this month. I hope you have had a great sewing start to 2015.
Dianne K. Carole 

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Spam alert!

Hi everyone, just posting to let you know that if you have received an email through my gmail asking you to open a document it is spam, don't try and open it but delete it.

If you have tried to open it you may need to change your email access password.

Sorry for any hassles this has caused.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

She had me at the border

Just couldn't resist this one.
After all it's the New Year and my brain has been screaming "New Year = New Project!"

Karen at Faeries and Fibres started the Value Proposition QAL earlier in the year, I was intrigued but didn't start the QAL. I recently saw Karen's beautiful finished top and this amazing border fabric that she was auditioning.

I was gone. I hit the net to source that Winterthur Museum border fabric and bingo I found it!

Not quite but you know what it's like when you're buying fabric from o/s you might as well fill that post pack ☺️

After some recent Christmas sewing...

Fabric basket for my brother & partner

block folder for Judy

I made the block folder from a pattern by Linda at Gum Valley Patchwork
It's rather yum, I think I'll have to make one for myself.

Anyway, as the year was drawing to a close I was planning on putting everything else to one side to just focus on AWS to try and get this finished for my SIL.

Experimenting with broderie perse for the border triangles
What's that saying about mice and men and plans..? Anyway I had an unused starter pack that's been lying around that I thought would be perfect for this quilt. I had also recently seen on Pinterest  the original inspiration for Karen's quilt.

I think this is going to be very educational to help me learn about use of dark medium and light tones. Karen posts monochrome photos of each block so I thought this would be fun and it is! It's amazing how much time can be spent playing with fabrics.

Playing with possible fabrics for Block #1

I haven't done much with hexagons before, just this block in my Morrell which I machine pieced...

...and a couple of blocks for Gossip in the Garden where I used EPP.

So I have been reading up Karen's tutorials and blog posts and also having a look at Inklingo wondering how to piece this, by hand, machine, EPP..? 
Just off now to Warrnambool to spend some time with the G'nT Sisters.
Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

How cool is this!

Well it's Boxing Day, a day where we just like to totally relax. Checking out the internet and wow! What has Google sent me? A snapshot video of my year in pictures - how cool is that??!!


If you can't see the embedded video click here.

I love the whole concept of continuing to progress an art/ craft from the 1700's through today's technology - just amazing.
I thought it would make a good post for New Year's but I just couldn't wait :) 
Take it easy

Sunday, 21 December 2014

It's that time of the year

It's that time of year when the cockatoos come down to eat the plum stones from our trees. Such a handsome bird with beautiful snow white feathers.

Of course it's the time of year when sewing groups have their Christmas get togethers before the end of the year. 
Friday threaders at Kaye's...

We had a fabric lucky dip thanks Kaye

Then last Sunday was the Warrandyte Chapter of the Applique Guild where we were spoiled again with another lucky dip and Sonia made us a cute golf-tee pin cushion (thanks Sopnia!)

We were asked to bring Christmas show and tell.
Olga's 'Á Very Merry Aussie Christmas' design by Millamac
Olga's own design

Sue's oldie but a goodie (check the year!)

Sue's stockings

Veronique's sparkly Christmas scene
 New member Helen, didn't realise that we were having a Christmas theme, but we weren't complaining about these beautiful examples of applique!
Helen's stunning 'Aunt Green's Quilt' designed by Carolyn Konig

 Centre for 'Anne Daggs' designed by Di Ford/Hall

and the border
 I took along my 12 Days of Christmas, still unfinished :( despite which I have decided to hang up in lieu of having a tree this year. Things are pretty low key around here this year as we are not having Christmas lunch here

It's also been time to make some Christmas gifts. These are cute little mini felt Temari (Japanese) wool felt balls, I bought the kit from Kimono House.

There's also been some secret sewing happening - ssshhh!

In between I've been working on AWS, pop over to G'nT Sisters for an update.

I also had a bit of a mad month in November where I made heaps of Dear Jane blocks. These are just a couple that look a bit Christmassy.
B-7 World Series

H-3 Farm Fields
Thank you for all of your encouragement and lovely comments throughout the year.
Wishing everyone a wonderful, safe and peaceful Christmas.