Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Marathon weekend Day 1

I had a great weekend of sewing, sewing, sewing. Saturday was at my sister's with two friends, we are all working on Di Ford's Antique Wedding Sampler.
Judy's place was transformed into a professional looking classroom
I had decided to get my rogue block #23 from out of a small box in a dark corner. It had been banished due to some in-correct measurements. Di Ford had confirmed what the hst's should be, so we re-checked and decided that what was needed was the 1.5" Thangles.

So I cut all the strips and pinned them all up. Despite Lyn querying how many I needed I went ahead and prepared 48 - double the amount I needed! Grrrr.... I was thinking this block was cursed. Anyway got on with it and spent the rest of the day and into the night machine piecing the hst's and the centre star. The pink corner stars had been made months ago.

The centre pieces were quite small and I didn't know if I would be able to piece them on the machine but I managed it.

This block has now gone from being loathed to loved :)

I also laid out all the blocks I've made so far.It was great having help with choosing fabrics!

Lyn spent the day (and into the night) squaring up the blocks and sewing them altogether for her son's stunning large quilt. 

'Centred Kissez'  pattern by Stargazey Quilts
I just love the fabrics, many of them my favourite Japanese taupes. 
Doesn't the yellow just pop beautifully?

Sophie had bought along a quilt that she had made but no longer liked. Originally it was bright batiks on white backgrounds, she was so unhappy with it that she didn't even want me to take a photo so unfortunately I can't do the before and after story. Here is the after photo, after it was dyed to tone down the brights and give it a more antique look.

Isn't it just beautiful!!
Day 2 coming up next.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Gossip Time

Last weekend I had a big run on piecing for Gossip in the Garden.

Marking up all the periwinkle star pieces with dots for joining.

Pinning and piecing.

Laying them out on my bed (must get a design wall!)

Part 4 all finished.

These periwinkle stars were a pest to make but it was worth it in the end.

And a couple tucked away for a later section.

Then it was onto Part 5. I just love all the block names.

A bit of starch always helps.

Shoofly block

Another shoofly block - same layout but  what a difference!

Nice colour combination.

Fork pins - another favourite tool.

Patch star variation block

Good ole Nine-patch

Pieced squares

 And I finished one of the stitchery phrases.

Well I'm up for another weekend of sewing, off to my sister's today and then an Appliqué Guild meeting at Kaye's on Sunday. Hope you have a great weekend too!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Lucky me!

I started collecting blue Liberty fabrics last year with the idea of one day making a Dear Jane quilt. 

I was inspired by this quilt made by Julianne who has kindly let me post the following pics from her blog -

I haven't seen this quilt in real life but I don't think this photo does it justice. It was pictures of the individual blocks like these below that really caught my attention.


I'm sure you can see why I was inspired!

I never would have dreamed of having the opportunity to take a class with the famous Brenda. Thanks to Linda the 'one day' Dear Jane quilt will now be happening :)

Finishing this secret sewing block was a great opportunity to practise sewing with Liberty fabrics. They are truly something else! Beautiful to needle turn and they don't fray so you can afford to have a small seam allowance to turn under. I was glad that I already use fine no. 11 straw needles and fine Superior thread.

Do you have an exciting sewing experience to look forward to?

Saturday, 5 July 2014


Did a bit of this and that yesterday and had an early start to Friday Night with Friends.
I worked on machine piecing some Periwinkle Star blocks for Part D of Gossip in the Garden.

Gossip in the Garden

Gossip in the Garden

They have a cute name and look cute but I have to admit that for me they are a chore to make.

So I put them aside after adding a few to the pile and moved onto preparing the stitching for Part D but I failed to centre the design properly so had to try and erase the writing and soon abandoned that unpleasant task.

Luckily my Sew Laugh Love stitchery is always ready to pick up when I don't have anything else prepared.

Thanks for all of your help with my CCCQ colour dilemma, I have decided to add some green, probably blue-greens. This might be a good bridging fabric, red with some green and blue elements for my next block.

I hope you had a productive night.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

CCCQ Colour Dilemma

Well amazingly I have been working on the CCCQ BOM for two years AND I've managed to keep up - only just. For some reason I didn't make block #19, I think it was because I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. Sharon is having a break next month and won't be issuing a pattern so that will give me a chance to catch up.

Anyway as we move into the 3rd and final year (phew!) I'm thinking about future directions (workplace jargon slipping in there, sorry). When I see other blog posts of the CCCQ blocks in beautiful green and red I often have a twinge of regret that I'm doing mine in blue and red. 

Chester County Criswell Quilt
Some of my CCCQ blocks
This red and green Baltimore quilt was one of my favourites at the Castlemaine exhibition earlier in the year, it was just stunning.

Baltimore by Barbara Walker
The quilt below has me thinking that I could do the next year's blocks in red and green to satisfy my need for red and green broaden my colour scheme.

1860 Album quilt ~ Michigan State University Museum's collections centre
I love using Google images and Pinterest for this type of research

Old Otterbein Quilt ~ Winterthur Museum 
I just love blue and green together, what do you think about adding green at this stage?
Or should I stick with blue and red?
Has anyone seen other examples of blue, green and red in album style quilts?
I would love your help on this.

Tonight I'm linking up to

Hope to see you there!