Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Unpacking the mojo

I've had a self enforced break from sewing after we made a rather snap decision to sell our home of 30 years and find a place in the country. This meant converting my sewing room back to a bedroom, for enhanced saleability (I might have just made up that word) and packing away my design wall and all traces of sewing. After renovating and selling whilst working full time I was using the bus commute time to either catch up on sleep or to text and email agents, tradies, lawyers or bankers. No time to sew.

Unpacking the mojo
Anyway I have recently been able to unpack some of the sewing, spread the love throughout the house and finish all of the AWS blocks.

AWS Block #22

AWS Block #21
Sometimes I hand piece and sometimes I piece by machine, sometimes I even combine both techniques in the same block. I like the accuracy of hand piecing so I thought 'why not prep for machine piecing as per hand piecing?' So for this block I drew lines and pinned as I would for hand piecing.

Quite a good result but I'm afraid this block didn't quite pass muster with the G'nT Sisters At 2am (after some wine) the leaves I had drawn myself were thought to resemble "reindeer on steroids" and it was too brown. It has now been renovated and admittedly it does look better now.

AWS Block #12
I've really missed having the design wall, which is currently living with Judy. I do have visitation rights so I was able to lay out all the AWS blocks and get advice on their placement.

Did you notice Judy's AWS on the spare bed? We were lying on top of it (ugg boots and all!) whilst trying different layouts. Now I 'just' need to finish the broderie perse for the outer triangles.

Last Saturday Judy and I dropped in to Linda's book launch in the Barn last Saturday. We purchased a copy of her new book Treasures from the Barn published by Quiltnania.

Me, Linda & Judy
It was great seeing Linda and all the original antique quilts that the book is based on,this gave us inspiration for our current and future projects. We were both taken by the Little Boys Breeches quilt behind us in the photo above and the first quilt below.

Unfinished block showcasing Linda's precise piecing

It was also a wonderful thrill to meet Marianne (DreamWeaver) in person. She has been a Dear Jane and design wall inspiration for me.

And what would a blog post be without a Chester County Criswell block? So I'll finish with Block #24 that I completed last night.

CCCQ Block #24


Wednesday, 25 May 2016


This post is a blockbuster with some of the blocks I have made in the last couple of months.
First up is my latest for the Value Proposition Quilt...
Value Proposition Quilt #15

Next are a couple more for the Chester County Criswell Quilt... 
CCCQ Block #25
CCCQ Block #32
I have been putting most of my effort into my blue version of Antique Wedding Sampler. The first 'J Block' below was designed by my sister from the original quilt.

AWS 'J' Block
AWS Block #14
AWS Block #23
AWS Block #11

AWS Block #25
AWS Block #24
AWS Block #10

AWS Block #17
AWS Block #16

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Gossip in the Garden is finished!

I have a finish-yay!!! And when I say a finish I mean a real finish, quilted, bound labelled and gifted!

I made this quilt as a BOM through Elm Grove Patchwork. I loved the fabrics that Lenora chose, I made just a few changes by adding in some soft lime green and more yellow fabrics. I also put a blue framing border in, I got that idea from the Friday Threaders group (thanks!). I met up with Lenora at the Australian Quilt Convention last month so I was able to show her photos of the quilt. I also met Annie Downs, the designer of the quilt, there and showed her photos too - oh the joys of having a smart phone!

Anita from Hillside Quilting did a great job on the quilting...

I'm a bit disappointed with the photos, they were taken on my iPhone and they look fantastic on the phone and my iPad mini but when I put them into Blogger they loose their sharp definition - anyone have any suggestions?


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Castlemaine Appliqué Group exhibition

Last month my sister and I drove up to Castlemaine for this year's Appliqué Exhibition. It was great to be able to view many beautiful quilts up close and personal, so grab a cuppa to look at some that caught my attention for the fabrics, design,use of colours,skill, quilting and/or techniques. Enjoy!

'til next time