Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Three in one

Yesterday I completed three blocks in one day. Block #2 for Gossip in the Garden.

Block #17 for the Chester County Criswell Quilt.

And block #13 for The Comfort Quilt.

I've also picked out the fabrics for block #14.

Nothing like the thought of starting a new project as a motivating factor and having a break from work to move things along :)
Some of you thought I had been quite restrained 'only' buying one new project at the recent AQC. Well I have to confess that I also bought this 'Lucy in a Hurry' pattern from from Cherry Pie Designs. It came in the post as it had sold out at the show, I'll just be putting this on the back burner for awhile.

I hope your making happy progress with one, some, any or all of your projects!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Topsy turvy teapots, flying saucers and sheer madness

I've been working on the second block of Gossip in the Garden.

Oops! The flowers are upside down, I don't think it matters in amongst the flying cups and saucers in this quirky pattern.

I went to the AQC exhibition and saw many amazing quilts (I'll do a post on that later) and some great stalls.I kept trying to tell myself that I didn't really need anything, until I saw this...

... Rosalie Quinlan's new BOM 'Simply Blessed'. When I saw it made up with Japanese taupe fabrics I simply lost my mind! I must be mad :)

I bought the whole pattern set and I have a bit of a stash of Japanese taupes from my Comfort Quilt. On the bright side it has motivated me to get this quilt out and try and finish it. So I sorted out some fabrics for block #13, must be disciplined and not start Simply Blessed until this is finished....

Hmmm, while I've got out the fabrics might just see what could work for the first block.

Nooooo, pack it away - immediately!

Oh, ok. 
Thank goodness I don't have the variegated thread I want for the embroidery (yet).

I hope you've had a safe and peaceful Easter.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Can of Worms

Judy and I went to see the Australian Quilters Association Members' Exhibition at the Box Hill Town Hall yesterday.

Unfortunately, this is the only picture of a quilt that I can show because it was outside the exhibition.

I know this potentially 'opens a can of worms' but I personally don't understand why you shouldn't be able to post photos on a blog, of quilts that are on public display. The issue isn't the taking photos as you were able to take them for personal use. A request to accredit the makers and designers could be a requirement. I just think it's a shame that we can't share these wonderful quilts more widely - what do you think?

The exhibition was very inspirational and it was fascinating to read about and see all of the different versions of the 'Elizabeth's Legacy' quilt including Jan Mac's
I then went home motivated to tidy up my very messy sewing room and do some prep. I got the inspiration for the ring of rose fabric from Miriam's Jane Pizar block. This is what I'm talking about - sharing ideas from each other!

Antique Wedding Sampler Block #9
Also did some appliqué for the CCCQ - I hope those wrinkles iron out.

Chester County Criswell Quilt block #18 
On the way to the exhibition I picked up Judy and grabbed some pics of her AWS design wall and a better photo of her block #  to update my last post.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

This 'n that

I have finished a very special block that Kathleen designed as an alternative for the CCCQ quilt.

I saw the blocks that she had designed featured on Sharon's blog here. I wrote to Kathleen and she very kindly sent me her patterns. I've got a new printer and some freezer paper sheets so I was able to print them out directly from her email. This eliminated the step of having to trace the pattern - yay! Love anything that minimises preparation. Technology is wonderful when it all works - thanks again Kathleen!!

Judy has finished block #5 for AWS. I love the birds in the leaves, the touches of blue in the flower heads and the small burgundy leaves. We both agreed that those small leaves were quite tricky to needle turn.

This is my version that I finished the other week.

I've also finished block #7. I sew the first seam of the stems on the machine to save time.

And then slip stitch the other side by hand.

The finished block.

Hubby and I also had a weekend away in beautiful Gippsland. We started off by the sea...

...and then ended up in the green rolling hills.

We stayed in this B&B.

That had a lovely cottage garden with old-fashioned plants.

And leadlight windows - this could be a great appliqué design! 

Did some stash building at Gippsbeary Cottage for a potential English style frame quilt.

And picked up the latest issue of Leanne Beasley's Vignette at Candleberry Country 
This is the back cover - love that bee stitchery (a label for the Honeybee Quilt).

 Speaking of Leanne Beasley, I've also done a few more squares from her 'Sew Laugh Love' design.


Til next time