Sunday, 29 July 2018

Dearest Lavender 1F pear block

The original Dearest Boy block has a Christmas tree with pears and a crescent moon. I decided to get creative and use some of these elements to design my own block. I keep pakham pears on the kitchen shelf to ripen so I took a photo of them.

I printed out the photo in black and white, placed another sheet of paper on top, then traced around the pears.

And then used these for my appliqué and embroidery lines.

Coincidentally I was also looking at the crescent moon through my kitchen window when I was drawing up this block.

Ta dah - my own pear block!

'Til next time


  1. Like your block! Cheers Tilly

  2. Your pears are lovely! Good job! Happy stitching.

  3. What a clever idea! Your block is fantastic. 🍐🍐🍐

  4. Carole que buena idea
    Me gusta tu bloque

  5. Love this block--such cute fabrics and the stripy shelf is great!

  6. Well, aren't you creative with those pears on the shelf. I would not have thought to use the technique you did to get the nice shapes and look like what you were seeing for real.