Thursday, 3 July 2014

CCCQ Colour Dilemma

Well amazingly I have been working on the CCCQ BOM for two years AND I've managed to keep up - only just. For some reason I didn't make block #19, I think it was because I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. Sharon is having a break next month and won't be issuing a pattern so that will give me a chance to catch up.

Anyway as we move into the 3rd and final year (phew!) I'm thinking about future directions (workplace jargon slipping in there, sorry). When I see other blog posts of the CCCQ blocks in beautiful green and red I often have a twinge of regret that I'm doing mine in blue and red. 

Chester County Criswell Quilt
Some of my CCCQ blocks
This red and green Baltimore quilt was one of my favourites at the Castlemaine exhibition earlier in the year, it was just stunning.

Baltimore by Barbara Walker
The quilt below has me thinking that I could do the next year's blocks in red and green to satisfy my need for red and green broaden my colour scheme.

1860 Album quilt ~ Michigan State University Museum's collections centre
I love using Google images and Pinterest for this type of research

Old Otterbein Quilt ~ Winterthur Museum 
I just love blue and green together, what do you think about adding green at this stage?
Or should I stick with blue and red?
Has anyone seen other examples of blue, green and red in album style quilts?
I would love your help on this.

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  1. Oh dear. I think this is one of the problems with really long term projects. It's one of the main reasons I haven't started Dear Jane, I just can't be sure what colours I want to use. Remember that other people may be looking at your blocks wishing they had chosen your colours. I'd probably stick with the blue and red at this stage, just because it may be difficult to balance the green. Would some of the new teal colours work?

  2. l see a tinge of green in some of your blocks. If you can somehow draw a visual link to a green fabric, wether it has some red or blue in it, it will work. All you can do is audition and see. At worst, you will have a block that does not make it into the quilt.

  3. Well done for keeping up! I think you could definitely use red and green, if you spread them out among the ones with blue. If it helps motivate you to continue work on this quilt then go for it!!

  4. I love your colourway. Often the greens in old quilts age to blue and I think these are lovlier than the red and green (except at Christmas).

  5. It looks as though you have touches of green in some of your blocks already, so if it were me I would add some more green in sparingly. It looks absolutely so far, keep up the good work! I'm thinking I would love to start a Baltimore quilt soon!

  6. I see some green in your blocks or is it my computer. Anyway I think you could add some green here and there and it would look fine, depends on the shade of green.
    I have always liked your blue and red blocks and wished I had chosen another color for mine. I think it’s just that we have been looking at these fabrics for two years an have grown tired of them.

  7. stick with the red and blue, it looks amazing. I am working on a red and green and I'm thinking it's a bit boring, just like so many other red and green quilts, I should have tried to put my own mark on it.

  8. When I look at your blocks some of them look blue-green (almost like a teal) so I think if you add those types of greens it would work fine. A grass green or a kelly green on the other hand might not be a good choice. Your blocks are lovely and whatever you decide I think you are going to have a fab quilt!

  9. You've done so well to keep up! I am so very behind, but I'm determined that once my exhibition projects are completed I will be starting up again! As you know, I'm doing modern colours, but I love your version with the blues and reds! I'm not much of a dark green fan - yours are just that little bit different that keeps it interesting for me!