Saturday, 15 June 2013

Signs of Winter - giveaway!

Well winter is truly here in Melbourne. 
A sign of this seasonal change that I don't like is leaving home in the dark for work in the morning and arriving back home at the end of the day in the dark.
 However, every season has its charms and these are some winter ones that I do enjoy:
eating porridge for breakfast...

wearing boots (well worn but very comfy)..

wearing gloves

seeing the sun shine through spiderwebs on bare tree branches...

...and being cosy indoors just sewing. 

CCCQ block #6
I have finished all the borders on my Morrell (yay!). I managed to improve getting the points together on the keystone blocks with some great advice from Patti (thanks again!)

So now to look at backing fabric and binding.

I have chosen a fabric from Judie Rothermel's 'Pine Tree Lodge' range. I only have a small amount of the red stripe so I hope I can find more to purchase for the binding.

This morning I also went over the quilt top removing any stray threads, I tried to do most of this when I was piecing the blocks together so there weren't too many. The curved manicure scissors are great for avoiding snipping into the fabric.

And so to the giveaway...
I am making Leanne Beasley's 'The Comfort Quilt' and when following the instructions in her #3 Vignette magazine there were some errors for the cutting measurements. When I wrote to Leanne she explained that an amendment had been printed as a separate sheet, which for whatever reason I didn't have.  As part of her apology she kindly sent me a mini pincushion kit and her 'Pretty Stitches Doily Collection' pattern.

I'm more than happy with my old apples that I've had for years...

and my dead bird who loves to travel on the bus... I'm giving Leanne's kit and the patterns away. 
If you would like to win these just leave me a comment (or send me an email) about what you like about the current change of season in your part of the world. I will post overseas and the winner will be randomly drawn next weekend.
Good luck!


  1. A girl can never have too many pincushions! I love cold, frosty, sunny mornings, and my wood fire, and lots of excuses to sit and stitch! Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Hi Carole
    I am a big porridge fan too. I have just finished putting the binding on a quilot which I am really looking forward to washing and finally getting on our bed. The best part of winter is to have a quilt to snuggle under for all sorts of reasons whather it is sleeping sewing or reading a good book. I just love the smell of the rain too even walking in it as we never seem to get enough of it and I just love it especially snuggled under a quilt listening to raindrops on our tin roof. Love the pin cushion.
    Have a great week

  3. I don't know which stripe from Pine Tree Lodge you need but check here.

  4. How cute is that "dead bird" pincushion! Too funny!! Your borders look fabulous! Nice points! And I love your backing and binding choices....beautiful! Lets see...we are in summer here in the US...I can't wait for the humidity to be gone when fall arrives...warm temps are fine, but the humidity kills me. I guess that would be my favorite part of this season's change into the next. Thanks for the chance to win!! I can't wait to see your next beauty in the works as you make it...have you chosen your fabrics yet?

  5. I love making pincushions! I've never seen a dead bird one, but it makes me smile. I imagine that it gets all kinds of comments on the bus. I enjoy your blog, thank you.

  6. Summer technically starts this next week but the weather is still on the nice side and we're about to have the longest day of the year. Flowers bloom and gardens go in. Peonies and heirloom roses bloom and they smell wonderful! But it's still cool enough for sewing and sewing and quilting. Spring where I live is a wonderful time of year!

  7. It was great to have you visit and I came by to see what you have been up to.... I just love your Morrell quilt.. what a work of art....
    ... and as for your dead bird... soooooo funny....thank you for a wonderful start to Monday...

  8. So exciting that you have conquered the Morrell border - well done! Love the choices for back and binding. That much-travelled dead bird has to be the quirkiest pincushion I have heard of - what a hoot (or maybe a 'tweet' in this case). Nice giveaway but don't count me in - am happy with my pincushions too.

  9. We are entering Summmer in Connecticut and I love the longer days. We've had so much rain but the forecast this week is for warm temps-that's another thing I like. Maybe I'll sit on the porch to applique. I found your blog when I began the Criswell quilt only 2 weeks ago. I love all your applique. Thanks for sharing with your readers.

  10. I love watching your progress on your Morrell quilt. It brings a smile to my face that you sit on the bus and sew. Winter in my part of Australia too and the last few days have really been cold. I love to cozy up with the curtains drawn, the fire on and the smell of dinner cooking in the oven. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Thank you for the chance to win this great prize. The dead bird pincushion is too funny.I live in central Florida and the weather here is way too crazy for me. If I would have known that it freezes here, I would have moved to a warmer will freeze one day in the winter, burning all my p,ants and then the next couple of days will be in the 80 and and 90s and the sky is gorgeous but the plants are all dead! I hate it!

  12. Very nice points on the Morrell quilt! What is the trick?
    Plus the backing and binding plans are perfect! Lovely work!

  13. Love your pincushions! I have never seen a dead bird pincushion, some of my pincushions look dead. Nice work on your Morrell quilt.

  14. Hehe! "dead bird" made me chuckle. I love my tiny curved scissors - trimming threads and cutting out backing behind appliques would be FREAKISHLY scary without them! I love your backing fabric and binding. Sure hope your shopping for more is successful. (hey, I'm good on pincushions, too, and I'd hate for you to pay shipping to the U.S., so pick another name if mine comes up. That's so kind of you to share!)