Friday, 28 June 2013

CCCQ Block #6 Rueben Stubbs

I have just finished Block #6 Rueben Stubbs for my CCCQ - yay!

Chester County Criswell quilt Block #6
CCCQ Block #6
On the original block the place name was Peach Bottom so I really wanted to use a fabric that had some peach colour to it. I had this Pine Tree Lodge fabric from Judie Rothermel in the blue...

Judie Rothermel Pine Tree Lodge fabric

...and had also ordered it online in the red (with peachy coloured leaves) but was sent the wrong fabric so then I had to re-order (the price you pay for cheaper on-line shopping). I had tried to source it locally with no luck so just had to wait for all the to-ing and fro-ing but I think it was worth it as I love the fabrics.

I'm virtually all caught up with the CCCQ BOM. I'm not going to make Block #11 as the lyre pattern doesn't do it for me (no offence Sharon!). I was thinking of making two of the fleur de lis instead, I'll see.

See you all again very soon.


  1. I love that fabric in the block. Perfect!

  2. Beautiful work, perfect fabric for it. I like fleur de lis too.

  3. 'The lyre doesn't do it for me'
    LOL no offence taken. I'm in two minds myself about the lyre, when you look at the quilt as a whole the lyre really stands out because it's the only 'real' thing and not a pattern. If there were some running horses or birds or something as well it wouldn't be so obvious.
    Your block is lovely. The curves are so smooth and the fabric choice is excellent. Love it!

  4. You've done a wonderful job on that block! Like Sharon said - smooth curves - something I can really appreciate now.

  5. Really beautiful work Carole!

  6. I think it was worth it too and I still love the blue you are using instead of green.

  7. Your block #6 is great! I like you choice of fabric and I am also impressed with your fine workmanship! I'm wondering if your daily bus ride is on roads much smoother than we have in Oklahoma where I will be at risk for pricking my finger on all the bumps rather than making such a lovely smoothly sewn block as you have done. Very nice!!

  8. I love your choice of colors and prints; your quilt with be unique and your stitchery is lovely. I've only made two blocks so far, in red, and I'm going to use navy for the leaves. Looking forward to seeing a photo of all your blocks together. (I'm not overly fond of the lyre either :).

  9. Love that block Carole - and the fabric is gorgeous! Your applique is so skilled. Look forward to seeing your blocks together:)

  10. What a lovely block! The fabrics are wonderful!

  11. your work is gorgeous. love that fabric.