Saturday, 8 June 2013


This past week (or so) I have finished Block #10 of my CCCQ quilt. 

Chester County Criswell quilt Block #10

I really like the Fleur de Lis pattern, it is one of my favourite blocks in my Morrell quilt.

Sarah Morrell quilt Fleur de Lis block

Our 'Spot the Caravan' quilt was thoroughly road tested by baby Z and came through with flying colours.

We also went for a ramble down to Venus Bay to visit friends last weekend. 
There are a lot of cows in Gippsland...

... and green rolling hills ...

... and lovely towns...

We were very lucky with the weather, considering that winter has begun, as we had blue skies and sunshine. The surf beach at Venus Bay was pristine and practically deserted.

I've almost finished putting the borders onto my Morrell quilt, only one more side to go! 

And finally I had a great first week with my new job and yes, I still get sewing time on the buses (many thanks to those who've asked me how it went).


  1. Your quilt projects look beautiful! I know I'll like your CCCQ when you finish it but I'm very partial to red so for now, I really like the Morrell quilt best. The border is looking so nice!

    Baby Z sure is a cutie, love the hat!

  2. I love those blocks too....very appealing. Looks like a lovely road trip.

  3. I really am liking your version of CCCQ. Your road trip pictures are great. I enjoy seeing other parts of the world.

  4. I do like your fabric choices. Gippsland is a great place, you would have to start at Venus Bay and keep walking for a few more kilometres to get to my house.

  5. LOVE that Fleur De Lis! Those mailboxes made me smile, and the ocean looks spectacular!

  6. ooo - I can't wait to see Morrell all finished. :) And that top block is my very favorite, I think, for your CCCQ.

  7. Are you finding time to stitch on the bus ride to the new job?

  8. I'm going backward a bit on my comment. I've got Morrell quilt pattern too, but not even open the package - Loving your with red border - Hugs Nat