Sunday, 23 June 2013

It's gone! & a Winner!

My Morrell has left the building! It's been packed off to be custom-quilted by Katrina. This is the first quilt of mine to be custom quilted and it was great to be able to discuss in detail the styling and what my likes and dislikes are. Katrina's studio was a beautiful space with some of her stunning quilts hanging on the wall so I know I've left it in good hands. My sewing room seemed bereft without it lying all over the sewing table. 

However, this neat state of affairs didn't last long....

I can now return to some WIPs including The Comfort Quilt. One of the reasons that I started this was that I wanted a quilt for our bed but I never thought I would finish the Morrell, I guess one can never have too many quilts...??

It's been fun to get the Japanese fabrics out again.

I think need a design wall, I only have the floor and it's not big enough!

Anyway, another block finished.

The Comfort Quilt Block #10
My hand sewing for the CCCQ continues, 
this is block #6 happily  'emerging' 
(as Nancy would say).

Anyway, to the giveaway - a random number generator has selected Susan from the 'Planet Susan' blog as the winner of the Leanne Beasley doily pattern and pincushion - Congratulations and please let me know your postal address.



  1. I really like your Comfort quilt--love those muted colorways...Julierose

  2. It will be so exciting to get your quilt back.....will it take very long? Such beautiful fabrics for your comfort quilt, and a lovely design too. Congrats to your lucky winner.

  3. Can't wait to see the Morrell all quilted - you are keeping us in suspense here! I have never sent a quilt to be professionally quilted either, but suspect my huge Burnt Quilt will be the first as it is still sitting there waiting to be quilted...sigh. Love your other projects too.

  4. oh boy sending the quilt out to be quilted must have been hard! I love that quilt.
    great quilt on the design floor! love the colors....
    oh your next block is wonderful...
    can't wait to see it finished!

  5. Congrats to Susan! Love your nice light in your sewing room. Mine is a bit dark as I decided to paint the walls brown of all colors! Can't wait to see your Morrell when it's all exciting! Interesting choice of fabrics and pattern for your new bed quilt! It's nice when we like different styles of quilts!

  6. I'm quite jealous of your tidy sewing room! Looking forward to seeing the quilted Morrell quilt and I'm sure you are too. The colors on your comfort quilt are beautiful too!

  7. lovin' that quilt so far. every quilter needs a design wall.