Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Dearest Lavender Crossed Canoes & Caesar’s Crown blocks

Catching up on a couple of Dearest Lavender blocks, a variation on Crossed Canoes...

Dearest Boy Quilt; Crossed canoes

...and Caesar’s Crown.

Dearest Boy Quilt; Caesar's Crown

I have completely lost all confidence in the original Dearest Boy pattern and have drafted these blocks myself just to make sure everything fits. This partly explains why I'm so behind - starting a new project also doesn't help :D

Lavender and Bruce are thinking it’s getting pretty muddy around the shed but they’re still hopeful of getting some of Hettie's leftovers.

'Til next time


  1. The colors you choose are just so pretty! I drafted all my own blocks too going along...I kind of want my money back on the pattern, LOL! I love your darling babies!

  2. You colour selection is beautiful and your blocks look amazing. Sorry the patterns are not so good.

  3. Your blocks are so beautiful. I love the fabrics you have chosen. Hugs

  4. I've worked with a few patterns that aren't quilt right, and it can be so frustrating. Your blocks are beautiful--good for you to work them out yourself!

  5. Your blocks are lovely I especially love the fabrics you used in the Crown block, but such a pill to have to draft the blocks yourself.

  6. Glad you've finally been able to get the patterns to work with your own drafting skills. I guess I've always thought a pattern should be correct before the designer sells it. Not sure how designers can get away with this lack of concern for accuracy.

  7. Colors blend so well! I hear that Dearest Boy was a horrible mess to make - glad I did not do that one!