Friday, 6 November 2015

Variations of a theme

Hi everyone - 'long time no see'. I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. I've been busy either working or sewing and soon got out of the way of blogging. Anyway I've been working on a range of 'variations on a theme'.               After the excitement and exhaustion of finishing my Antique Wedding Sampler guess what? I'm making another one by special request from a family friend!

Once again I'm using a lot of French General fabrics but the variation is the colour scheme, this one is in blues and creams.  The fabric in the right hand corner will be my border fabric. I've been getting a lot of inspiration from Heather who has almost finished her gorgeous blue and white AWS. Here are a couple of my recently finished blocks.

Block #9 Antique Wedding Sampler

Block #6 Antique Wedding Sampler
I've enjoyed getting back to the Value Proposition Quilt, with it's nice easy piecing of hexagons to work on in the evening after working all day. These blocks can take a few variations on fabric choices before finding the right combination. 


Block #8 Value Proposition Quilt
The next block was interesting to make as it required appliqued circles made from two strips of fabric sewn together first.

Block #9 Value Proposition Quilt

Karen's fussy cutting is always inspirational, that's where I got the idea for the first round on this next block.

Block #10 Value Proposition Quilt
I have used different ways to mark out the hexagons, I was printing them but kept on having problems with jamming so now I'm tracing around a template with gel pens. Don't they look pretty in my pencil case from Korea.

I find they glide more easily over fabric than a lead pencil and the white is great on dark fabrics. For fussy cutting I trace around the outer edge on the right side of the fabric, cut it out and then flip over the hexie to mark the seam lines.

At the Warrandyte chapter Applique Guild meetings there's always plenty of inspiration.

Sue's quilt

Olga's quilt

Some of us are testing a pattern which is a variation on the Jane Pizar quilt. It's a bit hush hush so here's just a peek of my first four blocks.

I'm having fun mixing all types of fabric together on this quilt and it has motivated me to organise my fabrics by colour regardless of style.

I'll leave you with my latest Words to Live By block. Unfortunately it looks as though the word is 'Jog' because of the placement on the shirting pattern... is in fact 'Joy' - most appropriate as we head towards the 'Silly Season'.



  1. I love your blue and cream AWS. As I near the end of my journey with the blue and white I am beginning to think another one might be in my future. It is such a fun quilt to make. I can't wait to see more of yours!

  2. Glad to see you fingers have been kept busy. Lovely inspirational work , as always.

  3. Welcome back. Why am I not surprised that you have started another AWS? I have done very little on mine. I love the effect of that #10 Value proposition block. I bought some of that fabric when I was at Threadbear. Has it really been 7 months?

  4. Incredible Carole... a second antique wedding Sampler, how courageous! No wonder why you missed for some time, so many wonderful creations of yours!!!

  5. Another Antique Wedding Sampler! It's a beautiful pattern. Can't wait to see this one come together.:)

  6. Your quilts are always an inspiration to me - thank you for sharing!

  7. that blue and cream combo is just lovely--and your hexagons are so have been busy...hugs, Julierose

  8. Gorgeous as usual, and a very lucky family member. Thanks for the gel pen tip.

  9. Your group is definitely inspirational--wow! I hope we get to see more of that hush hush project,it looks awesome. Somebody is very lucky to have you making those gorgeous blue and cream blocks! I'm inspired too!

  10. Love your blue version it will be another stunner !

  11. I was going to say "I love..." but then I saw your next photos and then some more, so I'm going to say I love it all. Your piecing is lovely and I love your fabric choices on all your projects.

  12. A second wedding sampler quilt! I went back to check the color theme you used on the first one. I am not sure which I would be more drawn to. Both are beautiful. In the end, I hope you will do a post and show a picture of both color scheme quilts.
    A very inspirational post today.

  13. Your second AWS is going to be just as lovely as the first - love the colour combination in those gorgeous blocks! Always such a pleasure to see what you have been working on. My goodness I love the Jane Pizar variation blocks! - always been on my list of 'one day' projects. Looking forward to seeing the pattern you're testing :)

  14. Hey Carole! It's been so fun to catch up on your blog!! I am home for a while and done traveling to teach and vend for a few months! Hoping to have more time for blogging and catch up! I'm loving all your projects! You have been very busy girl!! Looking good!

  15. Hi Carole, I am so happy to see that you are back blogging and sharing your beautiful work. You are inspiring me to make an Antique Wedding Quilt. It's on my to-do list. And I do love those test blocks. What fun!
    Maureen in southern Ontario

  16. lots of beautiful blocks here.............glad you back blogging..........

  17. I adore your work - it is exciting and inspirational. The AWS blocks are stunning and you've really piqued my curiosity with the Jane Pizar variation blocks!