Monday, 2 February 2015


Our kitchen renos are progressing slowly but surely.
The last couple of weekends have found us painting, first the undercoat.
 I felt like I was in a sugar cube. Then we added two top coats to the ceiling and walls (didn't need to paint where the cabinetry was going) ...
 Then we had 3 layers of vinyl and tiles pulled up - yay the boards are in great condition and should polish up beautifully. There are various opinions as to what they are, I'm going with Baltic pine. That was the good news, the bad news was that there were 100s of metal staples that needed removing...

 ...a job that had to be finished that night so it was all hands on deck. It took five of us working til 11pm. We have no electricity in the kitchen so the boys used the torch apps on their phones. Most of the cupboards were installed the next morning and it's now starting to look like a real kitchen. Next we have to wait a couple of weeks while the stone bench tops are cut.
 Antique Wedding Sampler is also coming along beautifully. I finished block #16 yesterday, by machine appliqueing the broderie perse.

Antique Wedding Sampler quilt Di Ford Block #16

Antique Wedding Sampler quilt Di Ford Block #16
 I can see the end in sight as I "only" have four more blocks to make. I've even booked it in for quilting so I will really have to get a shuffle on.
I have also finished hand piecing the first two blocks of my Value Proposition quilt - I'm loving making this!
Value Proposition Quilt Block #1

Value Proposition Quilt Block #2

I should just be concentrating on AWS but I find it very difficult to just work on one project - do you have the same problem?


  1. Oh wow, I can really see how great your kitchen will look when it's finished. Those boards are gorgeous. And your applique is pretty lovely too......all sorts of creativity at your place.

  2. Those phones can be handy things. Your kitchen is coming along nicely.
    All your blocks are so pretty. I think you are very ambitious making all those little hexagons.

  3. Love, love, love your cabinets! And your blocks! I can't wait to see the finished flooring! Thanks for sharing! XO

  4. It looks like your kitchen remodel is really coming along, Carole! It looks great! Too funny that the boys were using their phones as flashlights to take up the staples. And your wedding sampler is going to be spectacular. In answer to your question, YES I am having a hard time lately with focusing on just one project all the way through! And I blame the blogosphere, full of inspiring quilters showing off their goodies. It was easier to keep my tunnel vision trained on one project from start to finish when I wasn't bombarded with quilty eye candy and breathtaking inspiration to start something new every single day!

  5. I agree with Rebecca about the bombardment of such delicious quilt projects in blogland. I am dying to start a few new quilts but must . complete . my degree.
    I love the look of real wood floors. There is a warmth about them that cannot be replicated.

  6. Ahhh.. your kitchen is going to be wonderful! Love seeing your beautiful hand work! I always work on too many projects all at the same time. It's just not exciting enough to focus on one at a time.:)

  7. What an exciting transformation - and a great family project! I love the cupboards and the floorboards.
    Your broderie perse is so delicate - a very pretty block :)

  8. Your kitchen looks like it's going to be great, but your machine work on AWS is blowing me away. Such accurate stitches! That kind of stitching drives me mad - you must have incredible patience. Your other work on the blocks is wonderful, too. Can't wait to see it finished.

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