Wednesday, 21 January 2015

This could be me!

Have you seen the movie Something's Gotta Give with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson? Well, I have just loved this kitchen ever since I saw Jack and Di preparing for a late night snack of pancakes and now I'm very lucky to be getting my own version (not quite as flash but using similar elements). 

Here's the before...

Very 70's with all that pine paneling! 
This is why I haven't had much time for blogging as it has been a a marathon effort for us to completely clear out the kitchen before it was demolished. Everything was stripped back literally to the rafters in the ceiling.

New insulation has been added...

and new plaster walls...

A second large window has been added to mirror the original, it's amazing the difference this has already made, giving extra natural night and garden views.

The ceiling cornices have been done and the holes cut out for power points and new down-lights. We are now in for a fun weekend of painting (not!) so I don't think I'll be doing too much sewing.

Speaking of sewing this is what I've been working on since my last post - the G'nT Sisters had a great retreat down by the sea...

Victoria's famous Great Ocean Road
Judy has posted about it here. I managed to finish Block #24 whilst we were away.

AWS Block #24
I also finished the piecing and appliqué for block #16 and back home I've been auditioning some different flower options for the broderie perse.

AWS Block #16

I have also finished these two blocks.

AWS re-worked Block #2
AWS Block #18

I'm really enjoying playing with fabrics and sorting into dark, mediums and lights for my new Value Proposition Quilt.

Value Proposition Quilt rounds 1 & 2 Block #1
I have decided to use Inklingo to print out the cutting and sewing lines for hand piecing.

I'm also using a doughnut template for individual fussy cutting. This all makes for easy and accurate sewing whilst sitting on the couch after a long day of cleaning, packing etc.

I feel like I've already learnt a lot about tones which helped me select some Japanese fabrics for the first block of Rosie Quinlan's Simply Blessed.

I have even managed to squeeze in a DJ block!

I used the back basting technique for this triangle block and worked it in 3 stages, as some of the pieces were so close together. Can you see the birds in the fabric? I even managed to get one in the small heart at the top of the triangle.

Hmmm, I have managed to fit in quite a bit this month. I hope you have had a great sewing start to 2015.
Dianne K. Carole 


  1. Oh how exciting. A new kitchen is a fantastic thing. I love that movie too. Your blocks look great. I can't even wrap my mind around a DJ border triangle yet. Happy painting.

  2. Loved the signature! :))
    Beautiful blocks with beautiful fabrics!
    And good luck with the new kitchen!
    Best wishes!

  3. oh your kitchen will be gorgeous! I look forward to seeing updates :-)

  4. How exciting to have a new kitchen. Beautiful blocks and I believe it’s "Something’s Gotta Give" with Diane Keaton
    "As Good As It Gets" with Helen Hunt is my all time favorite movie because of the little dog.

    1. Oops, I did mix up those two movies - I've now corrected it. Thanks for the pick up!

  5. Everything is looking great Carole! Can't wait to see your new kitchen!

  6. OH! Be still my heart!! I always hate to see beautiful natural wood replaced . . . wait . . .wait . . . it was pine paneling . . . okay . . . I can live with that. My kitchen was modernized in 1963 with floor to 8.5' ceiling wood cupboards. We put in a new sink in 1990 and removed 2 layers of linoleum flooring and sanded and refinished the 1930s maple floor. And we put in new windows in 2013. What a whirlwind of activity!
    I love love love what you are doing with the fussy cutting and colour selection for your AWS blocks. I can hardly wait until my first BOM blocks arrive next month so I can start.

  7. How wonderful to be getting a brand new kitchen! The lighter colors will be delightful. Fun to see the progress on your applique. The DJ triangle is perfect.:)

  8. What a great post Carole - and I had a laugh at the signature! I just love that kitchen too and am so excited for you - can't wait to see the finish! The added light was a great idea too. You have been so productive. The AWS blocks continue to be stunning! Your blanket stitch broderie perse is very neat and sits perfectly on the background - very challenging to execute.

  9. I've always loved that entire house but especially the kitchen! Can't wait to see yours! Love your blocks too! XO

  10. Wow - you've accomplished a lot! Love the fussy cut Dear Jane triangle. Enjoy your new kitchen; it's worth all the mess and hassle.

  11. You've been a busy sewist! Love all of the AWS blocks. Looking forward to following your progress on the Value Proposition quilt!

  12. Carole -- I'm in awe; I don't know where to begin! Good luck with your kitchen remodel. I've been through that and I know it's stressful, but you'll enjoy it for years once it's finished. Now, those blocks of yours take my breath away. Especially #24 where the fussy-cutting on the leaves and the balance of colors is perfection. Likewise the broderie perse on block #18, and love the interplay between the center circle and the broderie perse floral sprays. All that, and Dear Jane, too?! I want to start a DJ this year, too, once I knock out some of the WIPs that are currently vying for my attention. I'm here via Esther's linky, and glad to have found you!

  13. Oh I just LOVE that kitchen too, and I am so excited for your kitchen remodel!! I can't wait to see it finished!! Your AWS blocks are beautiful - the broderie perse is perfect. Lovely work as always!!

  14. Wow! When you redo a kitchen, you really go all in! I can't wait to see it finished. Your blocks are wonderful, as always!

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