Saturday, 7 February 2015

Wash Day

I was experiencing some paper jams trying to print my Inklingo hexies for my Value Propostion Quilt so I thought I would go back and look at the instructions on Linda's blog. There was no escaping it, I was doing everything except washing the fabrics so I thought I'd better get to it.

Linda recommends folding the fabrics as soon as they come out of the dryer but it was a perfect blue sky day so I couldn't possibly use the dryer. We are lucky to still have a very old Hills Hoist clothes line - these are an Aussie backyard icon. Please note the paint roller also hanging on the line :)

I couldn't believe how many fabrics I had pulled for this quilt. I ended up doing two loads!

Luckily I put a couple of colour catchers in to take up the red dyes in particular.

Despite carefully cutting all the sides with a wavy blade and washing on a delicate cycle I still ended up with masses of tangled threads. I hope some birds might use them to line their nests - a bit hopeful this time of year.

I hadn't washed quilt fabrics for years but it was quite a nice thing to do. I got to really see some of the patterns and their effects on fabrics that were fully opened out, so often I'm just looking at them as a fat eighth or quarter. The fabrics also feel a lot softer and nice and warm after being in the sun. Do you wash your fabrics?

It was also another chance to sort them out into their values, lights medium and darks.

Here's Block #3 finished...

Value Proposition Quilt Block #3

Yes - I know, I know, I should be working on AWS. I have pieced up these little babies for the next block but got stuck when I didn't have one of the templates and I no longer have the book (well that's my excuse for now).

Oh yes, I did all this washing sorting and folding whilst the tradies were installing our stone bench tops - looking very smart.

Now off to the Warrandyte chapter applique group - I'm taking Dear Jane.

Happy sewing (or washing) Sunday.


  1. I usually wash mine in the machine on gentle without agitation, spin it and tumble dry in the dryer until they are almost dry then press them. I was taught to always pre-wash. I haven't done anything on my DJ2 for a long time. The kitchen is really coming along.

  2. I always wash my fabrics and always will. I put them in the machine, hot water but no detergent and then out on the hoist to dry. I like to see them all hanging in a row.

  3. Best kind of washing. I usually wash my fabrics too. Mainly because I so often buy red, but also because I like the whole process of hanging it out and ironing it. Your kitchen is looking fab.

  4. Years ago I had one of those clothes lines. Sure do miss it.
    Your kitchen is coming along nicely . Love the color of the counter tops.
    I have read about iinklingo but haven’t tried it. Your hexes are so cute.

  5. I love the way your kitchen is looking! Fabulous! Have you heard about the trick of cutting off the corners (just an inch or so) before you wash a piece of fabric? It keeps it from raveling. XO

  6. I rarely wash my fabric because I like the sizing in the fabric. It gives it body. I love your new VP block. The maroon fabric you used in the middle is gorgeous. Do you recall who made it?

  7. I really like how your kitchen is progressing and also thought your clothes line had some nice fabric hanging on it.

  8. I recently made a quilt with a lot of different colors. I washed all the reds before. Your AWS has been beautiful. The value position quilt looks fun! Your kitchen looks awesome.

  9. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  10. Love your kitchen a great size too. As for washing my fabrics l think l do enough washing already. lol. Have never had a problem but l always wash my reds.

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