Monday, 6 October 2014

Papa's Star and Chicken Tracks

Thanks for all of your lovely comments and encouragement last week on commencing my Dear Jane. I have completed Papa's Star that I started at the weekend workshop with Brenda Papadakis and finished later for 'homework'.

Papa's Star G-6

It could also be set on an angle as Jane did in the original quilt. Inspired by Frances' Nearly Insane posts I am going to try and document my Dear Jane blocks in a similar way.

Name of block: Papa's Star G-6
Name of Liberty fabric: Sweet cherries (blue) 
Technique/s: Freezer paper machine piecing
Number of pieces: 27
Total number of pieces:27

Tips: The little flying geese in the centre are folded not sewn (bit like a James Bond martini - shaken but not stirred).

My next block for this post is Chicken Tracks - don't you just love the name? I wanted to make a 9 patch variation and luckily for me Chris had recently posted a tutorial on her new blog Quilting Jane at the Farm. Here I am working virtually with Chris on my iPad mini.

It was a beautiful spring day yesterday and I just had to incorporate some daffodil yellow.

Name of block: Chicken Tracks J-7
Name of Liberty fabric: Ibstonian (blue, yellow) 
Technique/s: Machine piecing
Number of pieces: 41
Total number of pieces:68

Tips: Follow Chris' tutorial. I used Clover fork pins to help match the seam joins (be careful not to sew through them, you need to 'walk' over them) and a stilleto for keeping the two layers together at the end of the seam.

Clover fork pins

Using a stilleto
 Please bear with me whilst I am experimenting with Blogger, trying to get this to appear under my Dear Jane Journal page.


  1. Lovely detailed work. I find it intriguing that you can manage such tiny pieces on the machine. You are off to a great start.

  2. Beautiful little blocks! and you look very organised. I find my ipad very useful when working too - to watch tutorials or check a saved picture. My garden daffodils have all shriveled in the heat of this weekend - what a lovely vase full. Wonderful that you are so excited by your DJ adventure!