Monday, 6 October 2014

Gossiping with Jane

I spent some time yesterday tidying up my sewing room and getting more organised. My Dear Jane has completely captured me and it's the only thing I want to sew but I thought I'd better do some catching up on my other projects otherwise I'll be drowning in UFOs. 
I started with Gossip in the Garden.

I worked on some more mini blocks for Part F (6). I changed some of the background to introduce a soft lime green.

Shoofly block
Bee Sting Block
 When I was making this variation on a nine patch... 

9 Patch Variation
I thought hmmmm... maybe some of these blocks are also in Dear Jane??? Wouldn't it be fun to make some at the same time.
So I finished putting this section together...

...and went and looked at my DJ book. The front and back covers come in very handy for looking at the blocks.
Bingo! J-7 Chicken Tracks, not quite the same but somewhat of a variation on a nine patch. See my previous post to check out my version of this block. My posts are a bit out of order as I'm trying to arrange them on different pages.


  1. What a fun quilt - love the happy colours :)

  2. love seeing your blocks , fabric choices are just so fun
    thanks for sharing

  3. The spoon block caught my eye. Simple but gets the point across that more than one person is in the garden and having tea.

  4. Very clever! Love your colors!