Thursday, 16 October 2014

AWS Retreat

Here I am all packed up for our Antique Wedding Sampler retreat with my sister and two friends.
Block #11
We stayed in a large house in Fryerstown. 
There was lots of space to spread out. 
Did you know that chairs aren't just for sitting on? 

Auditioning for Block #20
 We sat and sewed or ate our meals looking at this view out on to the slightly overgrown garden that was just full of bird life. We were lucky to have perfect Spring weather.

We had to keep the gate shut to try and keep the rabbits out  - you can see the luscious grass they were after. The garden is to the left, you can see all the rabbit holes on the right of the 'rabbit proof' fence.

Inside the garden...

The scene beyond the garden. 
We had cloudless blue skies everyday.

It was fun sharing and choosing fabrics. I scored some more Liberty blues off Judy for my Dear Jane :)

Re-visiting this block to find a new centre...hmmm maybe.

Selecting fabrics for Sofie's block #11.

I shared my method of making stars by using flying geese, and had two star pupils...

Sofie's star
Lynne's star
I hope they're making lots more for homework ;)
I wanted to prep a few blocks as I'll be travelling for a couple of weeks. I managed one block...

My block #20
 ...and this is Lynne's version of the same block, prepped and ready to sew.

Sofie was also sewing this block but unfortunately I didn't get a photo, and I didn't manage to get a photo of any of Judy's sewing(sorry). She didn't have much because as usual she spent most of her time helping us with 'colour consultancy' and fabric selections.

We were only 10 minutes away from Castlemaine so of course we had to drop into Threadbare  - would you believe everyday for 3 days?! I'm sure you can understand. We checked out some potential AWS border fabrics.

And got to meet the famous Sammy, he sure loves to be photographed. 
I even got a kiss.

Funny how my shopping bags got progressively bigger with each visit.

I did manage to finally finish block #14.

And picked up a small memento at the Maldon market on the way home.
Ceramic houses by Ann Ferguson

It was a great weekend, so nice to get away from it all and just sew, eat delicious food and fabric shop. 

We have christened ourselves the G'nT (Gin and Thread) Sisters and we are going to start a new blog together.

I'm off on holiday for a couple of weeks. Hubby and I are going to do the great Aussie rite of passage by driving across the Nullabor desert to Perth in Western Australia. Hopefully I can manage a few posts along the way.


  1. That looks like it was so much fun! Your blocks are looking wonderful.

  2. I am envious to see all of your beautiful spring coming into bloom as I/we head into winter. The fall colour has been beautiful this year but soon there will be bare branches, cold winds, ice and snow.
    Have a wonderful vacation!
    Maureen in Ontario, Canada

  3. Your retreat looks like it was a wonderful time in beautiful surroundings! So fun to see what everyone else was working on too--talented group!

  4. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend, great company, great location and a great quilt shop. Your blocks look so lovely. Have a great time crossing the Nullabor, I do hope you are a person who can sew while in the passenger seat.

  5. Great post Carole - really enjoyed reading about your retreat. Wonderful place to stay, gorgeous garden. I have a similar rabbit problem - parts of my lawn look like that where there is no rabbit proof fence ..grrr
    Your AWS block 14 is just breathtaking - so beautiful! I smiled at your visit to Threadbear - and the ever increasing sized bags - am so jealous! Really looking forward to the new GnT blog - great name.

  6. Carole, thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Your stitching is lovely as always and I,love the Group's name. Have fun on the Nullabor.

  7. I really like your colours and fabric in block 14. What a special weekend and I loved reading about your time sewing and your shopping! Have a great trip.

  8. Block 14 is marvelous, I love reading your blog here in Copenhagen / Denmark. I wish you a wonderful vacation

  9. Your block is gorgeous, so much thought in the fabric selection and placement. Looks like an absolutely wonderful weekend. Threadbear is a dream destination for me, so I'm very envious that you got to go every day! I'm not surprised the bags got bigger and bigger! Enjoy the Nullabor, not sure if there are any patchwork shops along it, but I'm sure you will find it if it's there.

  10. I accidentally bumped into your blog about a year ago. I am so glad I did. Your work is beautiful and the Liberty fabrics are the envy of my life. We have the same problem getting Liberty as you have with American fabrics....very expensive. Have a fun holiday...please post pictures...Australia is so beautiful. Lee

  11. What a great post! Your block 14 is so pretty as are the prepped blocks. I love how both use directional prints to great advantage. So nice to see all the spring flowers as we race toward winter!

  12. Love block 14, love, love love it.

  13. Looks like a fabulous weekend. I bet each day you went back to the quilt shop you saw new things you didn't see before.
    Those rabbits sure are persistant.
    I just love the photo of the block at the end of the post. The fussy cut fabric makes the block just sparkle.