Thursday, 6 February 2014

Happy to be a slow sewer

I have reconciled with myself and I'm happy to be a slow sewer :) 
Thanks for all of your encouraging comments on my previous post.

'Bug Balls' by Claire Moynihan 
I'm happy trawling the internet (evidence above!) spending ages making fabric choices, re-doing something I'm not happy with and hand piecing, doing needle-turn appliqué and embroidery.
Antique Wedding Sampler Di Ford
AWS Block #6 in progress
I also love doing all of these things by machine.
Antique Wedding Sampler Di Ford
AWS Block #23 in progress
I was thinking about whether my hand sewing technique was slow. Then it dawned on me this morning, that yes it is my technique - it's called the 'steady as you go whilst sewing on the bus technique'! I often have to pause and steady the needle before I plunge it in. Sometimes if I get to a tricky appliqué spot, like one of the many small inner curves encountered in the CCCQ, I wait until the next bus stop for some stability :D

Anyway, I have had this Leanne Beasley stitchery on the slow simmer for awhile. I  just do a bit here and there, usually when I don't have any hand sewing prepped and ready to take on the bus - which has been the case this week.

'Sew Laugh Love' designed by Leanne Beasley
One advantage of having a number of projects on the go, always something to work on!

I'm linking up to FNWF tonight, I've got no idea what I'll be working on.
 You'll have to wait and see :)


  1. Well it will be lovely having your company no matter how slow you See you tonight :)

  2. Oh your new block is divine. I'm in favour of slow sewing.....and fast all depends on the project and how you feel. So many projects are all about the process.

  3. Oh Carole, AWS Block 6 is looking lovely, great fussy cutting. I have admired Leanne's Sew, Laugh Love for a long time, and each time I see it, I weaken just a little more.

  4. I am always amazed that you can even stitch on the bus. I have trouble doing my appliqué in the car. For me it’s the process not the finished product so I don’t mind redoing something if I am not happy with it. As always your work is just lovely.

  5. I am with Nancy - great that you can manage such fine sewing on the bus! The other passengers wouldn't want to bump you - with a needle poised in your hand ;)
    Lovely embroidery stitches and pretty colours.

  6. oh, that #6 block is just so pretty. love your embroidery too.