Sunday, 23 February 2014

Pottering about

It's been really nice just pottering about this weekend doing a bit here and there on different projects.I decided not to go to the Appliqué Group day for a number of reasons but mostly I just needed some r & r at home. I was inspired by Christina's beautiful sewing room to have a bit of a tidy up in mine. 

Yay some clear surfaces! This allowed me to do some preparation for AWS. I cut out half a dozen background blocks. I like to use the wavy blade for appliqué backgrounds to prevent too much fraying.

Then I prepared block #6 by putting the pieced circle over a piece of FG fabric and pinning it all down.

Then marking out the appliqué by putting the piecing templates on top and tracing around the external lines. I used a frixion pen for the outside edge.

And my new chalk pen for the inner circle where the fabric is dark.

It was my sister-in-laws birthday the other weekend so I wrapped up the AWS blocks that I've done so far along with the border and sashing fabric to give an idea of what it will be like. I also had Di's book at the ready to show her a photo of the quilt. As it is a significant 0 birthday other family members have contributed to have it it professionally quilted. Well I'm happy to report that she was overwhelmed and there were tears of joy.

And whilst we're on the subject of AWS Judy has finished block #13 - great use of striped fabrics!

My version of this block is currently in my header pic.

So now it's time to 'fess up.
The real reason for tidying my sewing room is that I've started a new project! I know I'm completely bonkers but I've been thinking about Anni Downs' Gossip in the Garden since I saw it on her blog last November. 

Lenora at Elm Grove Patchwork is offering it as a BOM and I love the happy vintage fabrics she is using.
I spend a lot of time working out the fabrics for AWS and Aunty Green so this is like a summer holiday having all the fabrics ready to go. I was going to wait until I'd finished AWS but couldn't resist once I'd opened the squishy package the came in the post last week. I've already finished the first stitchery section of block #1.

I'm already doing so much needle turn with AWS, Aunty Green and the CCCQ I'm wondering whether I should machine appliqué this quilt???


  1. That applique work looks so difficult and yet so beautifully done by you. I have just started interpreting applique into my own work, so was glad to have found your blog. Good luck with that new project - I can see why it has been on your mind cos it looks positively edible! xCathy

  2. Your new project looks like lots of fun! I know what you mean about having all the fabric picked for you. Your AWS and AG fabric choices are wonderful and I'm sure that took a lot of thought.

  3. Your block is so beautiful, with refined colors and motif! Sorry, but as a French, I do not undersand everything, what do you mean by AWS? Best regards.

    1. Sorry too many acronyms in this post:
      FG = French General
      AWS = Antique Wedding Sampler
      CCCQ = Chester County Criswell Quilt

  4. How did I not know about the wavy blade for the rotary cutter? That's brilliant! I'm going to get one today. Your work is beautiful!

  5. beautifully done - your projects always look great. Love the photos of the new quilt you might do Gossip in the Garden I had not seen that pattern before.

  6. Hi Carole! Once again, your works are beautiful! I wish I could have so much time! Things are settling down, so very soon! I had no idea your town had a fire. So thankful you were safe. I know it can be so devastating as one of my friends has been rebuilding from a fire since September last year. We never really realize how horrible it can be until we are close to it in some way. Your quilts are beautiful! Keep it up!

  7. Those AWS blocks are just gorgeous. I've collected fabrics for mine, but I can't start another new project now. LOL You probably said that, too, until the Anni Downs quilt. I love the fabrics in your kit. Your work is just beautiful!

  8. Gorgeous blocks. It's lovely to have beautiful projects on the go, a new one is just more loveliness!

  9. Beautiful work and beautiful choice of fabric as usual.

  10. Yay for a new project - lots of variety in this one - hexagons, applique, and dresdens! You are so, so generous giving a gift of your AWS - it is going to be such an awesome present - no wonder there were joyful tears!

  11. Love a squishy package and what is a frixon pen? Sounds very useful.

  12. Oh, you are ambitious!
    What a fantastic and generous gift.

  13. I can see why you were taken by Gossip in the Garden--it's adorable!

  14. Your AWS is going to be beautiful, what a generous gesture to give it to your sister in law. (I started the AWS as a BOM with Threadbear in August 2011! I just looked up the date and was so shocked how long ago, and only ten blocks completed. You have inspired me to finish it.