Saturday, 7 December 2013



Last night I joined up with FNWF for the first time. I'm afraid I had overdone it with the needle turn appliqué the other day as my right index finger has packed it in and said 'enough!' . So I'm having to give it a rest and not do any hand sewing. This has forced motivated me to start making some Christmas gifts. I'm making some French table runners from kits I purchased from Pieces to Treasure. Here is the first one that I spent the evening preparing for machine appliqué - with a jug at each end there were lots of little circles to cut out!

Bordeaux Berries

Hope you're making good progress with any Christmas sewing you may have.


  1. Isn't that awful, I have a naughty index finger too. Gorgeous design for the table runner, very tasteful.

  2. interesting . . . I use the middle finger to turn the needle.

  3. I use my middle finger too! Love the table runner is that linen for the background?

    1. Yes, it's linen tea towelling by Moda that happily comes with the sides already hemmed.

  4. I am making progress on Christmas gift sewing but should have started much earlier. And now we have a house guest, so it will be on hold for a few days.
    I like the background piece you are using for the runner. Is it a linen?

  5. My middle "pushing" finger used to really suffer when doing appliqué but it is no problem no that I finally started using a thimble on that finger to help push. I sew much faster now too and do all hand sewing with a thimble. Those table runners will be lovely, that background fabric is great!

  6. Love your table runner is that linen it is looking great !!

  7. Sorry to hear about your finger - hope it is back in action really soon :)
    Your table runner is lovely and thanks for the link - great site!

  8. welcome to FnwFs..
    Hope the index finger is better soon..
    Nice table runner you are working on.

  9. This looks beautiful Wendy; welcome to FNWF.

  10. The runner is beautiful, hope the finger feels better soon.