Friday, 14 December 2012

CCCQ Block 5 - James Carlile

This week I have finished the 5th block of the Chester County Criswell quilt. I like the way Sharon used two fabrics for the 'crazy nasturtiums' so I did the same, except I'm using blue instead of green fabrics.

Chester County Criswell quilt

I have also done some more hand piecing for my Morrell quilt as I had another 'Morrell Sit and Sew Group' session on Wednesday which was joined by another friendly group of happy quilters celebrating the end of the year.

Sarah Morrell quilt

I also pulled out my 12 Days of Christmas quilt for some machine embroidery and applique on this block. It won't be finished for this Christmas but I might get all the centre blocks done.

12 Days of Christmas quilt


  1. Lovely work as usual :) The fabrics for the Morrell block are beautiful together ! Have a lovely Christmas.
    Every Stitch

  2. I like your 2 coloured version of block 5.

    Looove the bird!!!

  3. You've been a busy bee.....looking good!

  4. well done! mu CCCQ block is half sewn! I love your 12 days of Christmas colours

  5. I was admiring your workmanship. And I wanted to let you know that I very much like the partridge piece in your header picture.

  6. Hello! I'm so glad you linked up at BOMs Away, because I just love love your projects. Reproduction quilts fascinate me. :) And I'm intrigued by your 12 days of Christmas work. Loving that combination of machine embroidery and applique.

  7. Wonderful, I like how you stitched the tree.