Wednesday, 31 December 2014

She had me at the border

Just couldn't resist this one.
After all it's the New Year and my brain has been screaming "New Year = New Project!"

Karen at Faeries and Fibres started the Value Proposition QAL earlier in the year, I was intrigued but didn't start the QAL. I recently saw Karen's beautiful finished top and this amazing border fabric that she was auditioning.

I was gone. I hit the net to source that Winterthur Museum border fabric and bingo I found it!

Not quite but you know what it's like when you're buying fabric from o/s you might as well fill that post pack ☺️

After some recent Christmas sewing...

Fabric basket for my brother & partner

block folder for Judy

I made the block folder from a pattern by Linda at Gum Valley Patchwork
It's rather yum, I think I'll have to make one for myself.

Anyway, as the year was drawing to a close I was planning on putting everything else to one side to just focus on AWS to try and get this finished for my SIL.

Experimenting with broderie perse for the border triangles
What's that saying about mice and men and plans..? Anyway I had an unused starter pack that's been lying around that I thought would be perfect for this quilt. I had also recently seen on Pinterest  the original inspiration for Karen's quilt.

I think this is going to be very educational to help me learn about use of dark medium and light tones. Karen posts monochrome photos of each block so I thought this would be fun and it is! It's amazing how much time can be spent playing with fabrics.

Playing with possible fabrics for Block #1

I haven't done much with hexagons before, just this block in my Morrell which I machine pieced...

...and a couple of blocks for Gossip in the Garden where I used EPP.

So I have been reading up Karen's tutorials and blog posts and also having a look at Inklingo wondering how to piece this, by hand, machine, EPP..? 
Just off now to Warrnambool to spend some time with the G'nT Sisters.
Happy New Year everyone!!!!


  1. I do like your choice of new project - those big hexagons are very interesting. I haven't picked a new project but I have so many things I want to try... I'm thinking of tea towel size quilted wall hangings to decorate my sewing room and get some items off the bucket list.

  2. The border fabric is a beautiful addition to the quilt. I can see why you were enthralled.

  3. You've been so productive! The "block folder" is a neat idea and the one you made is pretty. Is that for organizing applique?? I love the hexagon projects you've got going. Happy New Year!

  4. I have to agree with you that border fabric is just beautiful.
    Happy New Year to you to Carole.

  5. Those are the very best kinds of projects--the ones that are irresistible for some reason!! Love the sweet little block folder! Happy New Year!

  6. Love that border fabric. I will be following your progress. Best wishes for the coming year!

  7. How exciting - a new quilt and a new challenge! Karen's tutorials are so thorough and well thought out I am sure you will have loads of guidance. I just love the block folder - lucky Judy.
    Happy New Year!

  8. Every post you do makes me want to sew, sew, sew! Lovely new project for the new year, and fabulous gifts made. Love the fabric basket.

  9. I started a hexie quilt--it will be a loooooog WIP

  10. You always have such beautiful projects on the go. I love that Winterthur border, too. It will make a nice frame for your quilt.

  11. A quick stop to wish Happy New Year. Best of 2015 Carole - Hugs Nat

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