Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Just as a butterfly transforms from a caterpillar into a butterfly I have recently transformed from being a bus commuter into a car commuter.
Gossip in the Garden Part 4 Block D
Gossip in the Garden Part 4 mini-block
Not good for the planet but the change is helping with my sanity. I'd had enough of catching 4 buses per day and spending hours of precious time commuting. Sewing made it tolerable but the buses have become more and more over crowded so I often had to stand. I even tried sewing whilst standing up one day but that was just getting ridiculous!

I'm trialling getting to work early and leaving early to avoid the worst of the traffic. Not sure if this is giving me more or less sewing time. You definitely can't sew and drive but I have more time in my day. Does this mean I should change the name of my blog???

Other transformations include CCCQ Block #22 - I have changed it slightly from the original to include some rosebuds.
Chester County Criswell Quilt Block #22
CCCQ Block #22 - in progress
I have also experienced a transformation of sorts with this EPP bag. I actually thought I was making a purse but it's turned out to be the size of a hand bag. I made this to learn how to EPP (mission accomplished) so I'm only going to have the pieced tumblers on one side.

Have you had any transformative experiences lately? 


  1. That is a big change, and no, I don't think you should change your blog name. I don't mind driving but it really is wasted sewing time, not that I can sew in the car anyway. Your tumblers look great and will be perfect for a bag. Fun isn't it. I feel like I'm constantly transforming. I'd really like things to stay the same for a week, just for something different.

  2. So loving the cup cake block.....so fun!

  3. Carole congratulations on graduating to your own wheels -- and No, we don't want your blog name to change... ha ha ha. Loving your beautiful applique and tumbler blocks. Thanks for sharing them with us. I'm undergoing a transformation this week by trying to design something more "modern" -- stepping outside of my comfort zone. We'll see how it works out. Take care. Karen

  4. So glad that I don't have to deal with traffic where I live. I bet you're having a whole new experience taking your own car! Love your tumbler project.:)

  5. Good luck with the big commuting change - time is so valuable isn't it? Driving can be stressful but sounds like you can avoid the worst of the traffic. I say no don't change your blog name - that's where it all started! Love your applique block with the rosebuds and your bag is going to be beautiful in those fabrics. Hope you enjoyed the EPP?

  6. Love your cup cake block and the tumblers look fantastic, well done !

  7. Hi Carole, No there's no need to chane your blog name as it's what I remember when I think of you. I love the tiny tumblers and also the rosebuds are a very nice addition to the block.

  8. I am glad to see your rosebuds - I was hoping someone would make the block in two colours. Driving will make a nice change for you but keep the blog title - it's too good to lose!

  9. pretty projects. the first block is so cute.
    I hope your commuting works out for you.