Thursday, 4 October 2012

I see red, I see red, I see red....& white

A new month and a new header, virtually the last of the wattle that is blooming in Warrandyte - this one is Prickly Moses (Acaia verticillata).

I am seeing a lot of red (to the tune of I see red by Split Enz- showing my age here) & white around my home lately....

Red & white quilt
The lone red & white block in a black & white quilt I made last year.

My shoes on winter white skin
My sons' T-shirts (they've inherited the red & white gene)

My current favourite handbag

The best thing about the last picture of my front door is the lovely blank wall behind it. I'm not usually one for hanging quilts on walls but I just know that I'll want to fill this one with a red & white quilt (or a group of minis) after I've been to the Quilts in the Barn 'Infinite Variety' exhibition on Sunday. Not that I need another project - aaaarrrrggghhh!

Bit peeved that I have to wait til Sunday. My sister is going on Friday (jealous) & I have to work Saturday (this rarely happens but it would have to be this weekend!) but I'm lucky it's just around the corner and I will get to see it. Might see you there!
Cheers, Carole

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