Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hello, I'm new!

I have created my first blog & and have named it 'Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus' as I have managed to teach myself to sew on the bus whilst commuting from Warrandyte into the city each workday.  I have used a photo of wattle in my header as it is currently in bloom and I haven't yet worked out how to do a photo collage of some of my projects. This won't be a gardening blog, it will all be about the sewing. I have been inspired by Sharon who has started a new blog for her Chester County Criswell quilt of which I am about to commence. I have a number of projects on the go but this one sounded so interesting and I was really taken by Sharon's honest approach. 

I have been thinking about fabrics for this quilt & found some left over white homespun...

And some red civil war fabrics that I have from my Sarah Morrell quilt (that's another story!)...

Don't know if I will strictly keep to any particular fabric theme....?

I have downloaded & printed out the first free pattern from Two Bits Patches & put it into a display book.

So I'm ready to prep the 1st block! 


  1. Hi Carole, welcome to the magical land of blog!!
    i too love antique quilts and civil war fabrics and like you, i'm also intriqued by the Criswell quilt...isn't it a treasure! i'm really enjoying the snippets of history that Sharon's sharing with us too, i think that's what's really drawn me in.
    btw i love the reds you've chosen to use and i don't think it really matters whether you stick with a fabric theme.
    It will be fun to see everyone's interpretation of the blocks.
    happy stitching :)) cheers...Marian

    1. Hi Marian, how exciting to hear from someone! You put yourself 'out there' and wonder if anyone will read your blog. I too am looking forward to seeing the different versions of the CCC quilt. Thanks so much for leaving my 1st comment!!

  2. Carole, what an excellent start to your blogging life! And to think my blog inspired you to begin (can you see me blushing...?). Your fabrics look great, I'm always trying to use something I already have in the stash. It's cool to see Block 1 downloaded in your folder. How would we be quilters without the internet. Cheers,
    Sharon from Two Bits Patches

  3. Welcome to blogging Carole!! Love your wattle header.

    Beautiful reds you have chosen.

    I would love to hear more about your Morrell Quilt. I have just started hand quilting mine.

    1. Thanks for your comment Miriam :) I will be posting about my Morell quilt soon as I am going to a catch up session with Di Ford this evening. That's amazing that you are going to hand quilt yours - wow!