Sunday, 18 November 2018

Dearest Lavender Ohio Star block

After much procrastination and inspiration from fellow bloggers participating in the Dearest Lavender sew-along I did decide to make the Ohio Star block. I'm so glad I did as I just love how it turned out and it's now my favourite block!

Cathy on her blog said it was easy to piece which got me thinking and I found an online tutorial that did make it a lot easier.

On a side note my sister made me this wonderful block holder that has Lavender and Brucey on the front cover with Maggie sitting beside them. 

It's just perfect for holding my Dearest Lavender blocks.

She even used one of my orphan blocks on the back.

Here's a recent photo of Brucey and Lavender.

'Til next time


  1. OH I love your block!! It is just perfect...and the beautiful applique too!

  2. Your block is beautiful. I love what your sister gifted you. It is so adorable. Hugs

  3. Your Ohio Star style block turned out very well! Now you have the confidence for other blocks that might be of the same type.
    I love, love your block holder. The cows on the front are just perfect.