Saturday, 23 August 2014

AWS mini-break

I've been away on an AWS mini-break for a couple of days.
There are four of us making Di Ford's Antique Wedding Sampler (re-visited) from the Primarily Patchwork book. 
Of course we started with Show and Tell. Judy had just picked up a couple of quilts that had been machine quilted.
Judy's own design using Bronwyn Hayes stitcheries given to her by friends.

Another of Judy's own designs (on commission!) using Fairy Flower panels 

 We stayed over a Sofie's beautiful home where her quilts and other handwork were featured.

Sofie's sampler, a Ballarat Patchwork pattern, loved and used every day over the years

Another oldie but a goodie - I remember being tempted to buy this pattern.
Sofie's stunning hand made Santas

Amazingly detailed hand bead work

Even on the back!
 We are endeavouring to meet about once a month and all have our own look through different fabric and colour choices for AWS. 
Antique Wedding Sampler re-visited by Di Ford
Lyn's blocks in various stages

Antique Wedding Sampler re-visited by Di Ford
I helped Sofie lay out some broderie perse
Antique Wedding Sampler re-visited by Di Ford
Sofie's block #6 in progress - check out the fussy cutting!
Judy worked on her secret Liberty & linen quilt & finished this block - there's an important timeline for this project
Antique Wedding Sampler re-visited by Di Ford
My AWS bock #14 - auditioning different fabrics for the centre circles
And what does one do when one gets home from a couple a days of sewing (and fabric shop hopping - more on that next time)?? More sewing of course!  

Antique Wedding Sampler re-visited by Di Ford
Marking out the circle line using the templates and the frixion pen -
we're all fans of this pen!

Antique Wedding Sampler re-visited by Di Ford

Thanks Sofie and family for hosting this month's AWS get together - great food, beautiful weather, hours of sewing fabulous fabrics and friendship!!! 


  1. Lovely work everyone! I'm a fan of the Frixion pen too. Then I heard that the marks return (I used it for quilt marks) when the quilt gets below freezing. You can just throw it in the dryer and the marks disappear again. Well, I wasn't worried about that until my friend entered a quilt in the show that was shipped in an airplane cargo hold. It was below freezing in the cargo hold and when the quilt reached the show, the marks were showing. Yikes! XO

    1. Thanks Bev, I had heard of this but with needle turn most of the lines are turned under and I've heard that any marking can be removed with something mild that has sodium or Sodium Laurel Suphate as an ingredient.

  2. Love seeing your AWS progress - so beautiful ! It must be such a treat to work in this group too .

  3. You're all doing such lovely work. Those last two blocks are stunning, especially Sofies fussy cutting. It must be so much fun to get together and work on the same project.

  4. Is sodium laurel sulphate an ingredient in any laundry detergents that you know of?
    I had not heard about this & have been unable to find anything other than warnings that it is a carcinogen when I Googled it.

    Dawn BC Canada

  5. Nice show and tell on this post. In my quilter career show and tell was the best part of guild meeting! Happy Spring - Hugs Nat