Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Birds of a feather

Birds of a feather flock together, just like our Antique Wedding Sampler blocks. 

I changed the centre of block #2 as I wasn't happy with my first one (see previous post). Lot happier with this one.

Antique Wedding Sampler: revisited Block #3

Antique Wedding Sampler: revisited Block #3

Judy and I have finished Block #2. 

I really liked the bird in Judy's so I just had to do the same...

The blocks will be set on point so I like to show them this way.

We joined some other like-minded birds last week for a broderie perse and appliqué lesson with Di Ford at Kaye's. It was great to learn more about fabric choices and what to look for, how to place flowers and leaves and a great way to make bias stems (I'll post about this later). Judy and I got some great advice for our AWS bp block #7 with a vase of flowers. Others in the class were working on another Di Ford design or coming up with their own creation.
Dot's butterflies
Jan's flowers

My AWS block #7 - early days!

Sadly my camera has just died so I lost the photos of the other ladies' work - sorry!
And apologies for the quality of some of these pics, they were taken with my iPad mini and I'm still learning.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Antique Wedding Sampler

Yes, some people guessed correctly - my new project is Di Ford's Antique Wedding Sampler: revisited. As I mentioned in my last post my sister is also making this quilt.
Here are our first finished blocks...
AWS Block #3 Mine and Judy's
We both used Thangles to make the half square triangles. 

I hand pieced and appliquéd the centre piece but I'm not really happy with mine.

 I like how Judy's circle pieces give more of a contrast.

 Hmmm might have to change mine...

Here's block #13 that I have hand pieced. I haven't done the broderie perse yet as I'm still deciding how to do it. 

I kind of like the green outline so debating whether to leave this and buttonhole stitch it or turn it under and needle-turn, or cut off the green and buttonhole...What do you think?

I've loved this quilt since I first saw this version of it @ Quilts in the Barn in 2010, the design is slightly different to the re-visited pattern we are following in he Primarily Patchwork book. It's funny how some quilts just stay with you until the planets line up. 

Antique Wedding Sampler by Barbara Worcester designed by Di Ford exhibited at Quilts in the Barn 2010
Have a great weekend!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Fun, fun!

I received my CCCQ block swap from Wanda this week, it is just gorgeous and so beautifully sewn. It came with a lovely card featuring Baltimore album blocks. 
I've never swapped blocks before, it's great fun!

Chester County Criswell quilt

And I posted mine off this morning. 
Chester County Criswell quilt
CCCQ block #9 - Wanda's on the left mine on the right
Wanda used the leaf motif from the original quilt signature as inspiration for hers. 

Chester County Criswell quilt
Chester County Criswell quilt

Chester County Criswell quilt
Eliza Whiteside's signature on the original quilt.
I thought this was a great idea and also used Eliza's original signature for inspiration. This is an example of why I love the way Sharon gives us original images in her patterns.

Chester County Criswell quilt
It wasn't easy working up the courage to write on pristine white fabric with a permanent black pen - there are no second chances!

I've also finished the huge centre block #13 (24") - yay!

Chester County Criswell quilt

More fun this week in deciding to start..(use TV game show host voice) A NEW PROJECT!!
My sister-in-law is having a significant birthday in January and she recently saw my finished Morrell and oohed and ahhhed over it...No! I'm not doing another Morrell but it is a Di Ford pattern from her Primarily Quilts book...

I am going to use a pink and green colour-way.
I think she will love these colours and it will suit the quilt design perfectly.

I'm not usually a huge pink fan but it's on the red spectrum and I  have used these colours before...

Leanne Beasley Leanne's House BOM
Leanne Beasley's Leanne's House BOM
So raiding the stash and buying fabric from Kaye's and L'ucellos - fun, fun!

So, can you guess what my new project is???
(hint - there will be broderie perse)