Thursday, 12 September 2013

Lovely lovelies

Last weekend I took my Morrell to visit the lovely Di Ford and Kaye (at Needle and Pins).

The Morrell sewn by Carole @ Wheels on the Warrandyte bus Pattern by Di Ford

Then I bought some lovely daffodils at the Warrandyte market.

I haven't done much sewing lately, just a bit more of the lovely 'Sew Laugh Love'.

Soon it will be time to visit the lovely Quilts in the Barn exhibition.

Where I'm going to pick up a copy of this lovely book, 'Chintz Quilts From the Poos Collection'

Couldn't resist the lovely broderie perse in this book and profits will be donated to Breast Cancer Research (not sure if it's too late to pre-order from Linda?)

I hope you get to experience some loveliness this weekend.


  1. Beautiful daffodils and your stitchery is looking lovely.

  2. How exciting to share your quilt with the designer. Love the daffodils, wish the Spring bulbs would last longer. Looks like a very interesting book, I'm thinking about starting an orange peel quilt. Hope you have a lovely weekend too.

  3. I am sure the designer thought your quilt was wonderful. I know I do. Your embroidery stitches are oh so nice too. I can get by on embroidery but not do anything fancy.

  4. What did Miss Di say about your quilt??? She looks totally absorbed in looking at the blocks. What a wonderful day you must have had. I love the frills on the daffodils--never seen these before.

  5. Great news to hear you took your completed Morrell to show Di and Kaye.
    Love the daffodils.
    I'm looking forward to Quilts in the Barn too.

  6. Love your Morrell quilt, I bet Di was thrilled to see it. I am also going to Quilts in the Barn - can't miss all those chintz quilts

  7. Oh, boy! What an enticing book - I can totally see you doing that cover quilt!

  8. Looks like Di likes your quilt! It's fun to see what a designer has to say about your work. I went to a trunk show of one of my favorite designers from the past, Lisa DeBee Schiller, and she asked me which block was my favorite so far. I told her and she promptly whipped out her pigma pen and signed it and began adding some inked aspects. It was exciting, but also overwhelming because I had to add the inking to my other blocks to make it match. I was scared to death to use a permanent pen on my appliquéd blocks! That became one of the most interesting aspects of the quilt that others noticed.

  9. Ran out of room above! Oops! Anyway, love the pics in that new book. What fun you will have at the barn event. Oh, how I wish I could attend and be among such inspiring quilts and women. Have a wonderful time! Love that little stitchery!

  10. I'm going there too on Saturday, when are you going? I will get a copy of that book too, thanks for reminding me - Hope to meet you there Carole - Hugs Nat