Sunday, 28 June 2015

June update

I have finished the couple of small goals I set myself for this month's A Lovely Year of Finishes. I have finished the last two blocks for Gossip in the Garden - yay! This included the applique border for the jug of flowers block...

Gossip in the Garden Part 6

...and finishing the last Dresden block.

I have started to sew all of the blocks together. This is no easy feat because it's like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Now, I wonder where I have put the last instalment of this BOM which is the tumbler block border and the fabrics...they have to be in my sewing room somewhere!

I also finished block #7 of my Value Proposition Quilt. Karen has recently posted about her finished quilt top here - so inspiring. 

I was also very excited to get my Antique Wedding Sampler back from Katrina who has a done an absolutely superb job on the quilting. As I took it into Kaye's to choose some binding, guess what was hanging there...

Di Ford's original quilt, how fortuitous! 
Here are pics of some of my quilted blocks.

Lots of curls and swirls, I'm just thrilled with how Katrina has quilted it. I still need to put on a sleeve and bind it but I was able to take it along to this month's Warrandtye chapter TAG meeting for show and tell.

Heather's lovely lilac applique sampler
Olga's cute and colourful child's quilt

Veronique's latest design 'Vases de Fleurs' (pattern available)
 It was just a small group this month (perhaps people are hibernating for the Winter?) but enough to share a chocolate cake for our first birthday. 

Happy Birthday to us!
(btw the quilts in the background are by Michelle Yeo)

And what happens when one or two quilts come to a finish? Well one or two quilts get started of course.

Yoko Saito's 'Vases of Flowers' April block

Preparing the May block
Japanese taupes - yum! I'll keep you guessing on what I have pulled these fabrics for...

Another busy month there's even been a G'nT Sisters weekend (more on that soon).
And finally here is a photo of our finished kitchen that I have been promising but kept forgetting to share. 

As you can see it's great for letting in fresh air and sunshine, well worth the wait.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

June goals

Just a quick post for my Year of Lovely Finishes June goals. I want to finish all the blocks for Gossip in the Garden. I just have to finish one more Dresden plate...

.... and finish an applique border on one of the other blocks. I'm not sure how far I'll get with putting the blocks together and finishing the border so no promises there.

Another goal is to try and finish Block #7 of my Value Proposition quilt. One more round of hexies to complete.

It would also be nice to find a job this month!