Saturday, 27 July 2013

Lots to report

I've had a very quilty couple of days. 
On Friday I visited the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair. I arrived just on opening and there was a very long queue (note to self - should buy tickets on-line) luckily it moved along fairly quickly.

These are just some of the amazing quilts that caught my attention.

Close up 'Purple Passion' 
'1797 Sundial Coverlet' by Carolyn Konig
'1797 Sundial Coverlet' by Carolyn Konig
'Hip Hip Hooray' by Helen Hayes

'Irish Circles' by Helen Collins 

'Diamond Sawtooth' by Linda Collins quilted by Karen Terrens

'Serpent's Stripe' by Sandra Gates quilted by Christine Calheiros

centre - 'Cheltenham' by Sonia Higgs quilted by Susan Campbell
detail 'Cheltenham' love those platypuses (platypi?)
detail 'Cheltenham'
detail 'Cheltenham' - perfect points!

'Rose Medallion' by Rose Martin
centre 'Rose Medallion' stunning green fabric
detail 'Rose Medallion'

'Past Reflections' by Wendy Whellum
detail 'Past Reflections'
detail 'Past Reflections'

'Tangled Bluebells' by Fiona Lindsay
detail 'Tangled Bluebells'

'Tulipa' by Irene Blanck quilted by Rebecca Rae
detail 'Tulipa'

'Message in a Bottle' Irene Blanck quilted by Rebecca Rae

Irene Blanck & Jennifer Murray were there to promote the new
Applique Guild of Australia (how exciting, sign me up!)

Unfortunately I didn't get the details of the antique quilt below, my brain was rather addled by the end of the day (2nd note to self - look at the quilts on display before doing the retail!) and I forgot to take a photo of the information board. It seemed to be in immaculate condition and the centre was broderie perse.
Antique quilt 
 broderie perse centre

fantastic fabrics in the hundreds of diamonds.

Speaking of diamonds, Yesterday I went to a class yesterday at Patch n Quilt with the lovely, generous Irene Blanck, where she showed us her new sewing pouch covered in little diamonds...

It was great to get up close and personal with Irene's Auntie Green's Garden. Just love the whole 'feel' of this beautiful quilt.

It was great to meet new people and see their Auntie Greens. 
I love the colours and fabrics that J has chosen. Her reverse appliquéd vase is looking great with the French General flower - would you believe she calls herself a beginner :)

Dee's looks so bright and colourful. 
She was auditioning different fabrics for the vase handles.
(hey Dee, you'd better get rid of those pins before Irene sees them!)

Nicky's has a beautiful antique look with gorgeous small print fabrics 
(unfortunately my photo doesn't do really do justice to the colours) 

I didn't take a photo of mine. I've prepped the stems and some of the leaves for the centre and I learnt lot's of new appliqué tips and techniques. 
You'll have to wait for my next post to see where I'm at.


Friday, 19 July 2013

My new best friend

My new best friend is a doughnut - but not the type you can eat. 

So glad I purchased this at the Australian Quilt Convention last July. They are very fine Egyptian cottons, just perfect for appliqueing Auntie Green's Garden. Great colour range and perfectly portable for the bus.

I've now completed 21 leaves for the centre wreath, hee hee half way there and only 19 more to go. I like counting this stuff as it gives me little milestone achievements along the way.

Winter sunshine on wet daffodils

Have a great weekend !