Friday, 8 August 2014

Another AWS block conquered

I'm happy to report that the rest of AWS Block #11 went together relatively smoothly.

Antique Wedding Sampler re-visited Block #11

Not quite all smooth sailing I'm afraid, one of the star points is too small and I ran out of the green stripe but I think the checked fabric adds a bit of interest.

Antique Wedding Sampler re-visited Block #11

I often forget that the blocks will be set on point so I probably should have fussy cut the centre differently but I'm not going to re-do anything on this block.

Looking at fabrics for the next block...

.... don't you just love it when you find the perfect fabric?

Cynthia by Mary Koval
I've also been doing some EPP for Gossip in the Garden. I'm not a huge fan of the glue method so I tried tacking without going through the papers.

I punched holes in the papers that came with the BOM to pin to the fabric when first cutting out.

Mini block for Part 6 - Gossip in the Garden
Hmmm, happy with the result, I quite liked this method. The papers were easy to take out and you don't have to remove the tacking stitches (they just lie underneath).

I have also been motivated by a recent blog post by Robyn at  a Dog Named Banjo on cleaning and oiling your machine. Luckily I checked my manual first as my Husqvarna shouldn't be oiled but I should definitely clean it more often.

Under the feed dogs

Around the bobbin case area.
You need to be careful to lift the dust out rather than push it down into the workings of the machine somewhere (that's also why you shouldn't try and blow out dust). If possible, you should also use the brush that came with your machine. 


I like the recommendation to do this once every 5 bobbin changes - hope I can remember! 

And yes, it would have been easier if I had removed the foot first :)
Hope you get some sewing time this weekend - and maybe even some sewing machine maintenance? Ok, I'll stop nagging now ;)



  1. Stunning work on that block Carole. Your leaf fabric is a perfect choice, it can be so frustrating trying to find just the right fabric. It's shocking how much lint gathers in my machine, I should really clean it more thanks for the reminder.

  2. I like your fabric choices for the AWS blocks, especially the print for the leaf. After seeing the lint in your bobbin case, I'm now wondering what's in mine, lol!

  3. Great block Carole, I am going to remember you said you wouldn’t change it.LOL!
    It’s amazing how much lint we generate in our machines.

  4. Great block! wow! I love that fabric you are using for the leaves, petals? whose fabric is that I will have to look for some! LOL
    ok LInt in the machine I am always pulling it out with long tweezers, works well with the brush that came with the machine.
    check with your machine servicing person about the oil ….
    just mho Bernina said not to oil a machine I had and the service man who is a Bernina dealer said you should oil it if you sew a lot :)


  5. I wouldn't redo anything either! It is gorgeous!

  6. Thanks for the reminder--my machine is way past due for cleaning and oiling. I love all your projects--especially that Mary Koval fabric you are using for the petals--very cool!

  7. Beautiful block love your fabrics. Thanks for the reminder to clean our machines, often we are so busy with the cutting sewing etc the poor machine is forgotten.

  8. A timely reminder about bobbin lint, I like the 5 bobbin increment.

  9. Your block is beautiful! I love that Mary Koval fabric you are using. So much movement and the colours are so delicate. I went and ordered myself a metre of that print!

  10. Good to see progress on your blocks. Thanks for the maintenance reminder!

  11. After your comment, I noted on my blog that some machines should not be oiled! Love your blocks. That green color is just yummy! I'm going to have to start looking for it. XO

  12. I have a Husqvarna too! It is going for it's yearly shop visit next week. I did a lot of quilting this year. Great job on the block and EPP.