Sunday, 17 February 2019

Dearest Lavender Circle of Trees

Here is my circle of trees block for Dearest Lavender. I used Doreen’s idea of sewing the ring as one piece rather than individual trunks which made it easier.

The original design had an embroidered wreath in the centre but I planted a flower instead :)

Here's a recent pic of the quilt’s namesake with Bruce and Henry in the background.

If you haven't already please visit my blogging friends to see their versions of this block:

Yikes! I just realised that they finished this block last October! Oh well, better late than never.


Thursday, 31 January 2019

Dearest Lavender Little Boys Britches

I wrote this post two days ago and have been very frustrated trying to publish it, Blogger does not sem to want to save or publish from my iPad so Ive now gone to my computer. Anyway I wont bore you with the details. Last year I started to draft the darting minnows block for freezer paper peicing but it all got too hard.

So instead I decided to make Little Boys Britches blocks.

They came together fairly quickly using Linda Collins templates.

Be sure to have a look at my friends blogs in the Dearest Boy sew-along, they're way ahead of me :)


Monday, 14 January 2019

Dearest Lavender hexie flowers

I maybe behind with the Dearest Boy sew-along but I am posting by the 15th of the month - yay!
Here is my hexie flower block.

The original had embroidered trees in the centre, I decided to use a strawberry print instead.

It can a benefit to be behind as unfortunately there was an error in the pattern. I wrote to the designer and it will be amended but too late for my fellow bloggers who could not fit their 4 hexie flowers into the block:

Here is the quilt's namesake enjoying a big breakfast.

And a new little calf called Henry with Maggie (Brucey was under the trees somewhere escaping this morning's heat).

Wishing you all the best for 2019

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Dearest Lavender Ohio Star block

After much procrastination and inspiration from fellow bloggers participating in the Dearest Lavender sew-along I did decide to make the Ohio Star block. I'm so glad I did as I just love how it turned out and it's now my favourite block!

Cathy on her blog said it was easy to piece which got me thinking and I found an online tutorial that did make it a lot easier.

On a side note my sister made me this wonderful block holder that has Lavender and Brucey on the front cover with Maggie sitting beside them. 

It's just perfect for holding my Dearest Lavender blocks.

She even used one of my orphan blocks on the back.

Here's a recent photo of Brucey and Lavender.

'Til next time

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Dearest Lavender update

I'm rather behind in the Dearest Boy sew-along however I have been selecting fabrics ...

...and drafting the Darting Minnows block for freezer paper piecing.

I've decided to use some orphan blocks from a quilt that Sharon was reproducing some time ago. I think they'll play nicely together.

However, I think that green border I added to the cactus basket is perhaps shouting "orphan block" too loudly??

Be sure to check out the other versions of Dearest boy here:

'Til next time

Sorry for some blurry photos - Blogger does not like to play with my phone/iPad :(

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

6 and 6 + October update

Yay I have another finish!!!
My version of the Value Proposition Quilt.

This quilt was designed by Karen and she held a quilt along on her Faeries and Fibres blog. I wanted to make this quilt for the gorgeous border fabric and to learn more about using light, medium and dark values. Every fortnight Karen would post a map and a recipe, her black and white photos were a great help too.

The quilt has 18 rosettes and 4 half rosettes (or blocks).

I didn't have enough of the gorgeous Winterthur border fabric so I designed my own cornerstone blocks using colours from the border.

I used a Jo Morton stripe that seems to match perfectly.

I'm glad I used my sister's suggestion of using the fabric from old doona cover that mum had. You can see the beautiful quilting by Katrina inspired by Kyle's version of Di Ford's Route 66.

A post wouldn't be complete without Maggie in it.

'Til next time