Sunday, 4 May 2014

Japanese inspiration

I have finished bock #15 for my Comfort Quilt - only one more to go!

I'm always disappointed with my photos of this quilt, they just don't seem to do the fabrics justice. I'm sure they look more interesting in real life. 
So I'll try some close-ups...

I was really hoping to finish block #16 and have all the blocks done this weekend :(
But I have been a bit distracted lately...

Yes - I have finally discovered English Paper Piecing!!!

I had long admired the hexie purses that Susan and Hilda had made so when I saw that there was a workshop for one of these at this year's AQC I thought 'Great!' However when I went to register I discovered you could only take this class if you registered for the whole two days dinner etc at over $700 - forget it!! When I was lamenting over this at our last Friday night threaders session Kaye had the Sue Daley kit on hand with offers of help so I was sold. I thought tumblers would be easier for a beginner and the Japanese fabrics + from the Comfort Quilt would be perfect.

I've been wondering how to quilt the Comfort Quilt and recently saw Akiko Ike's gorgeous work in the latest Quiltmania - just stunning.

So the question is do I try and replicate this look with some hand 'big stitch quilting' and Sashiko thread? I think it would look fabulous but then again I've been working on this quilt for ages and would just like it finished...hmmm. I'll see how I feel when I finish the last block. What do you think???

 The weather, short days and my little Japanese maple say that we are well and truly into autumn and almost into winter.


  1. Your quilt looks great , love your tumblers and Japanese fabrics !

  2. Sweet little tumblers, I'm sure you will soon be addicted. I think some quilting with sashiko thread will add some lovely dimension to your quilt. Gorgeous autumn colour.

  3. Wow that would have been an expensive way to learn EPP. You can learn all about it for free by watching Sue Daley's YouTube classes. I was amazed by how much she covers. It's like taking classes from her.

  4. Yes--go for it! Do "big stitch" sashiko style--you won't regret it! Since you've already been working on it for ages, all the more reason to hand-quilt (in my world).

  5. Your Comfort Quilt is beautiful and I think quilting it in big stitch like Akiko's quilts would be a lovely finish! Your tumblers are lovely and I think you are well on your way to another wonderful quilt!

  6. So exciting - your start of EPP! and I just love the tumblers in those fabrics. Your idea for the sashiko big stitch quilting would be perfect and might not take that long - would keep your knees warm on these cooler evenings too :)
    Stunning maple!

  7. Only one more block, how exciting. I really like all those Japanese fabrics. The big stitch quilting would be lovely.

  8. Lovely Carole, the fabrics are beautiful. I hand quilted a smallish quilt with peele 8 thread, and a large tying needle. I was surprised how quickly I got through it.