Monday, 21 April 2014

Topsy turvy teapots, flying saucers and sheer madness

I've been working on the second block of Gossip in the Garden.

Oops! The flowers are upside down, I don't think it matters in amongst the flying cups and saucers in this quirky pattern.

I went to the AQC exhibition and saw many amazing quilts (I'll do a post on that later) and some great stalls.I kept trying to tell myself that I didn't really need anything, until I saw this...

... Rosalie Quinlan's new BOM 'Simply Blessed'. When I saw it made up with Japanese taupe fabrics I simply lost my mind! I must be mad :)

I bought the whole pattern set and I have a bit of a stash of Japanese taupes from my Comfort Quilt. On the bright side it has motivated me to get this quilt out and try and finish it. So I sorted out some fabrics for block #13, must be disciplined and not start Simply Blessed until this is finished....

Hmmm, while I've got out the fabrics might just see what could work for the first block.

Nooooo, pack it away - immediately!

Oh, ok. 
Thank goodness I don't have the variegated thread I want for the embroidery (yet).

I hope you've had a safe and peaceful Easter.


  1. No good going on without the right thread! I love the teapot.

  2. I have lots of variegated thread over here.

  3. Your applique is really nice! Greetings.

  4. Don't put Simply Blessed away for too long, there is lots of work in those gorgeous stitcheries! Love the look of your second block of GITG.

  5. It's probably a good thing that I missed AQC this year as I've been tempted by new beginnings too often lately. Enjoy working on whatever brings joy to your day. Hugs, Jan

  6. Funny post Carole! Am sure there were sooo many temptations at the AQC...and you only came home with one new project - very restrained I think! Those taupes are very pretty - have fun :)