Sunday, 22 September 2013

The internet is amazing

I have recently purchased an iPad mini which I just love. I was trawling through blogland the other day and made a couple of great discoveries. I found a new (to me) blog - Faberashery. I love the way Frances is documenting her making of the Nearly Insane quilt, for each block she records a lot of detail including the dimensions, fabrics used, number of pieces, technique used etc. she even gives each block a difficulty rating. It made for fascinating reading. Her Nearly insane is all in red and white and she's made a beautiful pinwheel quilt which was inspired by Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red & White quilts. She had a link to an app of this red & white quilt exhibition that was held in New York in 2011.

This free app is just incredible, you can go on a virtual tour of the 13 pavilions and view each of the 650 individual quilts  - just amazing!! 'Do yourself a favour' as Molly would say and check it out!!!

Feeling inspired by all of this red and white (I'm still only up to Pavilion 3 out of 13, I'm eeking out the journey) I decided I would make my iPad mini a red & white cover. I found a downloadable pattern on Etsy, a few dollars and a few minutes later I have the pattern - ahh the convenience of the internet :)

Went through my stash...

But these weren't working for me so I got out some of my Japanese fabrics...

Hmmm that's better! Not strictly red and white but oishii-so (look delicious). These fabrics are thicker and more heavily woven than patchwork cotton fabrics so they will offer more protection. Yay - quilting foot still on the machine from binding my Morrell so away I went and whipped it up in one day...

All lined and padded with a front pocket for ear-buds cables etc.
I'm pretty happy with it!


  1. How cute! You work fast! My DD just got an iPad mini last week. She is having fun with it! I will get the app you mentioned for sure. Sounds like lots of fun!

  2. Your case is lovely and thanks for the new blog tip!

  3. The only problem is that you end up using the iPad so much a case isn't needed (hehe). Downloadable patterns are amazing, such an instant fix. I'm off to check out your links.

  4. What a wonderful cover you've made. I have been toying with purchasing one of these minis ...sounds like a wonderful app that is making the purchase even more tempting!

  5. Love your bag for the mini. Well done !!!!!!

  6. I agree with you that the internet is amazing! I love my iPad. Your Japanese fabrics are gorgeous and now you have them in beautiful, practical use.

  7. Thanks for the tip on red and white quilt app, I will downloaded into my iPad tonight. Love that pouch with Japanese fabric! Hugs

  8. That's so pretty, Carole. And *thank you* for the New York exhibit app link! I just happened to get to see that, and it was amazing-breath-taking-spectacular-hypnotizing in person. This will be a wonderful revisit. :)

  9. Love your bag it is a cutie and oh so perfect.

  10. Firstly I'm impressed that you taught yourself to sew on the bus, this sounds impossible to me, what a good use of time!

    And I love your bag here, beautiful and practical, when it comes to sewing home objects and bags I am about 2 years behind (remember when fabric bread bags were popular?) I still have one cut up somewhere as a WIP so I'm impressed that you started this and finished it too!

  11. I LOVE your iPad little bag - it looks gorgeous! Perhaps you could give us a class on that!

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  13. Love the way you used your Japanese fabrics Carole, they still stand out as individual fabrics and each one shines, they are such beautiful fabrics and it is such a pretty but piratical bag. Cheers Glenda