Saturday, 28 September 2013

Quilts in the Barn 2013

On Friday there was a beautiful blue sky morning to visit the Quilts in the Barn exhibit, this year's focus was on chintz fabrics and  Dutch quilts. 
Lots of pics, you might want to grab a cuppa....

Gorgeous appliqué centre

Dappled sun on a Petra Prins quilt

Many of the quilts on display had the most amazing borders.

It's always great to see a Morrell, this one had the most beautiful embroidered blocks.

Quilted Crow woollen appliqué

It was a wonderful opportunity to see some antique quilts from Mary Koval...

beautiful examples of broderie perse....

cute redwork...

amazing fabrics...

Hmmm I think I can see some red, green and yellow in my future.

and incredible piecing...

The best thing was meeting wonderful people from blogland for the first time. I met Meredithe and Dorothy who were busy manning tables and below from left to right -Marian from Yellow Roses and Sharon from The Chester County Criswell Quilt .

Marian and I were very lucky to see Sharon's stunning center block and some sneak peeks of a couple of future blocks for the CCCQ 

Oops- sorry about cutting off the top of your head Sharon!
I bought some lovely fabric for my center from Mary Koval, just the 'tomato red' I was after.

So I went home all inspired to prep this challenging block (eek!).

Then I went back on Saturday to take my sister and to meet the lovely Hilda from Every Stitch who had travelled all the way from New South Wales (so glad she did!). We though it was fitting to pose in front of Di Ford's Morrell as we have both made this quilt.

My sister, who got me into this quilting caper and I. You can see what colour we like :D

I look as though I am dressed for the Arctic as it was freezing yesterday but it's beautiful today (typical Melbourne - beautiful one day Winter the next) so get down to the Barn to see some beautiful quilts and help raise money for breast cancer.
Thank you to Linda and all of your helpers and contributors.


  1. Lovely photos thank you so much for the post, I thoroughly enjoyed it !!!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures Carole - thanks for sharing !

  3. Great post Carole - the photos turned out so well (even the one with me in it)! It was so good to meet up. Glad it got you inspired and look forward to another CCCQ block - am sure you'll have it finished in no time ;) Another one for the bus into Melbourne?

  4. Great photos Carole, it was a fantastic exhibition.We must have been there at the same time!

  5. Nice pictures thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, it looks like a fabulous exhibition.

  7. Thanks for the tour of the show. The photos are lovely .
    I haven't even started prepping my CCGB.

  8. thanks for the pictures , love looking at quilts

  9. Lovely photos Carole. Mine would be similar, but honestly I was too busy shopping hehe! Great post - Hugs Nat

  10. Thanks for sharing the photos - looks like a great quilty event.

  11. it's been wonderful seeing all the pics from the display......