Saturday, 13 July 2013

Auntie Green begins

I apologise in advance for the poor photos for my beginnings of Auntie Green's Garden. I wanted mostly greens for the centre wreath and I like soft greens but this was a bit 'wishy washy' ......

... so I had to visit my sister and raid her stash of greens.

This is close to what I finally came up with. 

Aunty Green's Garden

First leaf done, only 39 more to go :)

37 more to go but who's counting (me!)

Have a lovely stitchy Sunday.


  1. Sounds very handy to have a sister with a stash.....your beginning is looking great.

  2. It is looking great, very convenient a sister with fabric stash.(lol)

  3. Looks like a lovely start Carole - very exciting! I notice the skirt hangers LOL - they work well don't they?!

  4. I'm eagerly watching your progress! Looks like you've made a good start.

  5. great start love your choices I LOVE this quilt. glad you added those orange polka dots made me smile
    please keep sharing this quilt with us!

  6. I see Kathie already commented on the polka dots. Good choice!

  7. What a great start. I love the greens and polka dots - some of those have found their way into my stash also. So looking forward to watching your progress.

  8. I love to see how another quilter goes about choosing colors--your assortment looks so good together. This is another quilt I'm putting on my list :). Thanks for posting the photos.