Friday, 25 January 2013


I forgot to say what my mistake was with my giveaway post :(

Most people were correct in that I changed from stem stitch to back stitch when I turned the corner at the tail. I just experienced brain fade and when I realised, I couldn't be bothered going back and fixing it. I'll think of it as my Amish moment (not the only one!).


  1. still looks good to me! I have many 'Amish Moments' when I quilt, or do anything else for that matter...

  2. He's still a cute little Partridge anyway! So cute and no one will even see the tiny error. If it bothers you you might try stem stitching over it to see if that helps. If not, remove it and it will be a story to tell about your little bird. Great job! Congrats to the winner! It's such fun to receive a prize from Austrailia! It was for me anyway!