Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 - the list

Hi, back from a wonderful holiday in beautiful NZ - but unfortunately to the heat and horrors of the bushfires in Australia. We are lucky that our area of Victoria has been spared to date and it is cool and raining in Warrandyte today. I hope people, particularly in Tasmania and New South Wales, can keep safe and cool.

My new header pic is the pohutukawa, a native New Zealand plant that we saw in bloom everywhere.

Whilst I was away I didn't sew one stitch. The final centre block of '12 Days of Christmas' stayed tucked up in its travel pack the whole time.

 In the last couple of days since being home I have done some more hand embroidery on it. This is one quilt that I would like finished in time for next Christmas! 

12 Days of Christmas quilt

12 Days of Christmas quilt

I did make sure manage to visit some shops and purchase some fabrics. 


Fabrics for a new 2013 start 'The Comfort Quilt' pattern by Leanne Beasley
Sarah Morell quilt
Some fabric for my Morrell quilt.

I bought a quilt kit  and other fabrics from Betty at Twaddle at Needle 'n Thread in Geraldine.


More fabric for 'The Comfort Quilt'
I was in Summer holiday irrational mode, was umming and ahing, hubby was encouraging and  I thought it would be a good memento of our trip. The clincher was that it had been  raw edged appliqued by machine. I have enjoyed this technique on the 12 Days of Christmas so I bought it.

The version I will be doing doesn't have all the squares in the sashings, instead it has a burgundy Maori print.

Lots of people in blogland have been compiling lists for 2013 and I like lists so thought I would do a wish list too. If you haven't already realised I have an eclectic taste.

2013 Finishes
12 Days of Christmas
There's No Place Like Home
The Morrell Quilt

2013 New Starts
Koru of Pacifica
Aunt Green's Quilt
The Comfort Quilt - by Leanne Beasley

2013 Keep up with
The Chester County Criswell Quilt

2013 Possibilities
Repro quilt of own design
'Tribute to Mrs Williams' quilt (red & white version as seen in 2012 Quilts in the Barn)
Red & white mini quilts (ditto)
'A Gardener's Alphabet' - crabapple hill studio
Storm at Sea quilt with Japanese fabrics
Hawaiian style quilt in cheddar & white featuring pineapples 

Crumbs - where do I start??? I want to start the NZ quilt while still in holiday mode, need to catch up on a CCCQ block and as ever the Morrell looms large...???

All the best for 2013


  1. Hi Carole, you've posted another awesome flower! Such interesting plants you have on your side of the world! Sounds like a fun trip. I don't get my hubs to stop at many quilt stores while away. We are always in a rush! Ha! Nice list you have. I didn't make one as I change my mind so often! LOL.

  2. Fantastic list! I am looking forward to seeing your Morrell quilt finished!
    Is the 12 days of Christmas a commercial pattern or your own design?

    1. Thanks Elaine. The 12 Days of Christmas is a BOM pattern by Vivian Robinson of Viv's creations.

  3. That's a nice stitchery. :) I've done that - prepped up a bunch of hand work to do on a vacation and not done one single stitch. Means you're enjoying the time! :D The pohutukawa makes me miss our fantabulously gorgeous mimosa tree in Florida with its pretty canopy and soft spiky flower like that. Leaves were totally different, but the flowers are the same. You got a really nice snapshot of it.

  4. love that stitchery block. isn't that red bird toile just wonderful? One of my favorite fabrics will be sorry when I finally run out of it! ok love that green fabric in the middle of those fabrics for the comfort quilt, can you tell me whose it is??? any info on the selvage? Good luck with the remembrance quilt ! looks like a fun quilt to make.
    I am impressed with your list of quilts! I love the Morrell quilt I really should give it a try and make that quilt some blocks just look out of my league though.