Thursday, 5 March 2015

2015 A Lovely Year of Finishes

Well, I certainly hope it will be for me. It seems like such a long time since I have finished a quilt so I've decided to join up with a Lovely Year of Finishes for some motivation.

I certainly have plenty of projects to choose from but the one I really want to get finished is AWS as I think my SIL has given up on it and I've booked it in to be quilted either at the end of the month or early April. Last Sunday I traced and cut out all of the remaining templates that I need for the remaining three blocks.

So this is my goal for March - to finish those four blocks. Darn it,I thought I only had three to go so it's going to be quite a challenge. Wish me luck!

I've been blaming the kitchen renovations for not progressing on AWS, more cabinetry arrived today.

But this has been the real culprit, even the AWS fabric went wandering.

Value Proposition Quilt Block #6

Kaye had put some different fabrics out on sale so I went off to get backing for the VP quilt (ever the optimist for finishing). There wasn't enough of anything I liked on the one bolt so I bought 6 different fabrics and a snazzy little recipe for a pieced back. Thanks Veronique for this great idea.

Now back to AWS!!!


  1. Good luck with your finish, love the hexie block !!

  2. Keep going, we are all behind you!

  3. I love thatMetropolitan Fair fabric. I had it in blue and brown, being variegated was so useful. Good luck with your finish.....sewing and renovating!

  4. Not to add pressure to your stress right now, but I am looking forward to seeing your completed AWS in April. I might even have my own first block started.

  5. Good luck with it Carole ! deadlines can be a curse at times but you are making such a beautiful version that it will be worth it - can't wait to see the finish! Great idea to do a pieced backing - such a good way to use up small bits of fabric :)

  6. Cheering you on from across the pond! I'm sure the kitchen will be worth all of the delays too.

  7. I have a big pile of unfinished but nothing like this kitchen. Best of luck to you - I'm sure the finished result will be well worth it.