Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Four Corner Press B-13 & Uncle Homer A-6

At the Dear Jane weekend in the Barn, Tiki shared her grid showing all of the delicious fabrics she had used for her DJ blocks.

I thought it was a great idea and Brenda encouraged us to do the same. She assured us that even with a small 1/2" square we would still be able to recognise our fabrics. 
I have started my grid.

I have finished two more blocks. 
Dear Jane quilt block Four Corner Press B-13
Four Corner Press B-13
Name of block: Four Corner Press B-13
Name of Liberty fabric: Small Susanna (blue)
Technique/s: Machine piecing
Number of pieces: 9
Total number of pieces:77
Tips: Great opportunity to fussy cut. Use a small square ruler to do this for the centre and corner squares.

Dear Jane quilt block A-6 Uncle Homer
Uncle Homer A-6
Name of block: Uncle Homer A-6
Name of Liberty fabric: Mabelle (blue brown)
Technique/s: Machine piecing
Number of pieces: 9
Total number of pieces:86
Tips: Once again a great opportunity to fussy cut. Use a small 4" ruler to do this for the centre and corner squares.

I am making these relatively easy machine pieced blocks whilst I am waiting to set myself up with the Dear Jane EQ software. Then I will be able to print out freezer paper and foundation papers for the appliqué and more complex blocks. 


  1. Lovely blocks Carole, and the grid is such a good idea. I'm trying not to do all the easy ones too early.

  2. I used six fabrics and since I started with the center block and worked my way out in circles, it was fun to see that trip around the world start appearing.

    One thing I did I wouldn't do again, At 75 blocks I started sashing, boring beyond boring :) Once I caught up I did it as I went.

  3. Really great idea to use the grid! The quilt is so large it must seem a bit confusing to keep track otherwise. This quilt is definitely on my to-do list someday.:)

  4. I want to get back to my Jane!! After we move to SC in a couple weeks....I love her Quilt and History!!...beautiful Block!!

  5. Looking good so far. I started with the easy ones and learned paper piecing along the way. By the time I got past the 100 block mark I was not so intimidated by the more complex ones. You have started with the one I ended with G-6. The only block harder than that one is M-3. At least in my mind.

  6. Your DJ blocks look lovely and it seems like you are as keen to get more made as I am. the class with Brenda P. was a great way to kick-start the project and I can't wait to see more of your blocks too.

  7. Very nice Carole, You have a great start.