Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Going around in circles

Another AWS block is driving me crazy.

Antique Wedding Sampler pattern by Di Ford

I don't know why I only made 7 circles for this block? There were meant to be nine, 8 around the diameter and one in the centre. Oh well, I won't be changing it - my SIL will never know.

You might remember that I thought I'd found the perfect fabric for the outside petals/leaves? Well I thought I would go with the green but after sewing a couple down it just seems too wishy-washy. Now I don't know whether to go back to the pink, do a combination of green and pink or find different fabrics all together?

Anyway, Spring has sprung in Warrandyte and the plum trees are all in bloom..

This has inspired me to get out poor old Auntie Green and add some blooms and lots of circular buds.

Auntie Green's Garden quilt

 Once again I spend ages (but this is fun) selecting fabrics. My choices for this quilt are quite weird and random so it's hard getting the right combination, so lots of auditioning happening.

Auntie Green's Garden quilt

Auntie Green's Garden quilt

Auntie Green's Garden quilt

But she's slowly growing.

I've finished the stitchery and appliquéing the mini Dresden for Gossip in the Garden. I decided not to make the centre a circle, but reversed appliqued the centre for a hexagonal shape instead. It's a relief to work on this BOM as the fabrics are already chosen, although I am making some changes, including using a yellow background for this mini-block.

Gossip in the Garden quilt

I have also added a stitched circular button to Sew Laugh Love.

Sew Laugh Love - pattern by Leanne Beasley

And a little cupcake with a cherry on top.

Sew Laugh Love - pattern by Leanne Beasley

I hope you're enjoying the change of seasons in your part of the world.


  1. Lots of really fun projects - love your Auntie Green in particular :)

  2. So many gorgeous things on the go!! Love them all!!
    And I would leave those petals as they are..... looks fine to me... ;D
    Love from the Netherlands and enjoy!

  3. I agree, choosing all the fabrics can be quite tiring, and a kit is a welcome relief. Your block looks great, and I love the fabric for the leaves, but agree that maybe they are too subtle for this block. Auntie Green is coming along nicely.....I am sooooo tempted.

  4. I am trying to think what the AWS stands for. I figure I will recognize the quilt pattern but my mind is blank at the moment. Anyhow, I like the block.

    1. I think Antique Wedding Sampler AWS.

    2. Yes, thanks Helen it is Antique Wedding Sampler (re-visited) by Di Ford.

  5. Love, love, love everything! You are so very clever! XO

  6. Oh, no! It's not wishy-washy!!
    But I know what you are feeling about fabric-choices!
    I decided now that I stay with the first choice whenever
    possible. Once you start to doubt, you doubt every other fabric...
    If you really want to change, why not take the fabric from the
    I wouldn't change it.
    Auntie Green is growing beautifully!!
    Best wishes!

  7. I like the colours you are using on AWS. I am restraining myself from starting one right now.
    The crows a crowing and the crickets are chirping and our first fall fair is this weekend where we show our Guernsey cows. So this means that fall is almost here. Summer hasn't yet arrived since it has been quite a cool few months.

  8. Love your fabric choices in Auntie Green! So fresh and lovely.:)

  9. Everything is so pretty! Auntie Green definitely looks like it's inspired by Spring. It's pretty much Autumn here in Minnesota, and I am dreading what comes next!

  10. Wow what a beautiful quilt your Auntie Green, love your colour choise!
    groetjes van Marijke
    The Hague, The Netherlands

  11. Carole, you do such beautiful and intricate work! Nice to see my friend Ria commenting here. Her does gorgeous work too. Have a good weekend - Hugs Nat

  12. always love seeing what your working on. Love your fabric choices for your appliqué, Auntie Green is amazing, wow!
    yes I am very happy fall is starting to show its colors here in the USA

  13. Love visiting you and seeing all your beautiful work !!!