Friday, 3 January 2014

Reflecting on 2013

Well, after reading a lot of reflective blogs I have been inspired to post about 2013. At first I was thinking that I had 'only' finished one quilt. Mind you, even though I do say so myself, the Morrell was one major finish!!!

I had completely forgotten about the 'Spot the Caravan' quilt that my sister and I designed and sewed together for the newest member to our extended family.

Smaller projects that I finished included my iPad mini cover made with treasured fabrics that I had purchased in Japan.

I made a scarf earlier in the year for my sister from an Etchings charm pack, she ended up, using it as a runner.

I made her a Bordeaux Berries runner for Christmas (I'll try and be more original for the next gift).

And one in a blue colour way for my brother.

I also made a couple of bird decorations.

and a birdy cushion.

I really liked the way Hilda included her progress on current projects in her reflective post, not just her finishes so I'm copying that good idea and including my 2013 starts and WIPs as well. 
I started The Comfort Quilt early in the year - I was happy to discover that I have made 12 blocks (each block is made up of 8 mini blocks) and only have 4 to go!

Another start was Auntie Green who has been rather neglected lately, though once again I was happy to discover that it was only October when I last worked on her.

And now I'm working on Di Ford's Antique Wedding Sampler (revisited) where I have finished 6 blocks.

I've almost managed to keep up with Sharon's Chester County Criswell Quilt BOM, this has been such fun to make this reproduction quilt along with other bloggers.

CCCQ center block 
Through the CCCQ I also experienced my first online block swap with Wanda in the USA.

I finished all of the blocks for my 12 days of Christmas but sadly didn't finish the whole quilt this year. I actually finished this block last January!

And stitched the four of these keystone blocks...

So after looking back I'm really happy with all of the sewing I have managed to do this year. I've had some great experiences and learnt so much.

I've participated in classes with two fabulous Australian Designers, Di Ford...

...and Irene Blanck

I attended the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair in July, the Australasian Quilt Convention in March and Quilts in the Barn (twice!) in September.

I joined two new groups, nationally The Applique Guild of Australia and locally the Friday Threaders Sewing Circle.

I've made great on-line friends and actually got to meet some in person at QITB!

Hilda (Every Stitch) and I

Miriam (Yellow Roses), Sharon (Chester County Criswell Quilt) & me
So fond farewell 2013 I have had a great year and thank you to all who follow or read my blog for your inspiration and encouragement.

ps We are having such a cool summer that we had an open fire last night in our outside BBQ area, it made a nice back drop to the Christmas tree which will be coming down soon. I'm more than happy to have a mild summer as it reduces the bushfire fear factor - my thoughts are with those who have been sweltering in extreme heat in other parts of Australia.


  1. I think you've accomplished quite a lot this past year! Your applique projects are so impressive and encourage me to keep trying.

  2. you might have only finished one but it was spectacular - so much work went into it and you are working on so many others. The Morrel quilt is on my possibly one day list I do like it but there are so many others as well to do. I love Di Ford's books you are lucky to have worked with her.

  3. so many beautiful projects! I found my Morrell Quilt again in a box, maybe I need to finish it in 2014!

  4. WOW! you had a great year. Your Morrell quilt is gorgeous. I think it is the first one I have seen completed. I have seen many other people working on it.
    The 12 days of Christmas block is very interesting. I really like it. Since I am pretty new to your blog I have not seen any of the others and I can't wait to see the rest of the blocks. When you have a minute could you give the information about the pattern?
    Have a great new year.

  5. Yes, sounds like you have accomplished very much this past year. Where do we get the idea that only when something is completed that it is worthy? I am eagerly awaiting my Morrell pattern to be printed and shipped all the way to Canada where our very sunny temperature today is a mild -27C. It will go to the bottom of the wanna do list right after I complete my Dear Jane. I started your swap block for the CCCQ on New Years Day, but did we decide what colour the backgound is to be? I am making it on white.

  6. Great post. Lost of lovely and inspiring projects. I look forward to seeing what you get up to in 2014.

  7. What a wonderful array of lovely projects you have worked on and finished throughout 2013..very inspiring

  8. What a list of projects, your year has been very fruitful. I'm pleased that I made an appearance in your timeline too! I'm booked into a Di Ford workshop in April, I'm really looking forward to it. Where have you put your Morrell quilt?

  9. What a spectacular finish your list is wonderful look forward to seeing your projects this year.

  10. I have thoroughly enjoyed your creative progress this year, and getting to know you better through your blog. Your appliqué is inspiring, and always makes me feel like doing more sewing. I have also been a teeny bit envious of the fabulous workshops you have been able to attend...

  11. What a marvellous post Carole - beautiful photos of so many projects and a great line up of quilting activities - love it. Great to see all your AWS blocks together - I can already see the quilt in there and it will be amazing. Thanks for the mentions - you are so right - the friendships and connections in blogland made 2013 my best quilting year and look forward to much more in 2014!

  12. You had a busy 2013 and a busy 2014 in the works. The Morrell quilt is quite an accomplishment.
    The bird cushion you made is simple in design and I like it!

  13. How fun to reflected what you did in the past year. I can't really remember all the finished, but lots of unfinished haha. Happy New Year Carole - Hugs Nat

  14. What a great post, you achieved a lot and have some fabulous wips. I think the Morrell quilt was a huge achievement, it's so beautiful.

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  16. I really enjoy your blog. I found it thru your WIP posted on Esther Aliu blog. I even order the Morrill pattern due to your beautiful work, even though I am in the USA. All your applique' is top notch. Thank you for sharing.